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Price Prediction Of Polkadex (PDEX) Coin 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Polkadex?

Polkadex seeks to modernise the established DEX, or Decentralized Exchange Working, by incorporating CEX, or Centralized Exchange features. It is an orderbook-based trading engine for web3 and DeFi that was created on the Polkadot ecosystem’s foundation. The project’s goal is justified by the name alone, as breaking Polkadex results in Polka meaning Polkadot and DEX meaning decentralised exchange.

The primary issue with the current DEX, which Polkadex seeks to address, is that it is difficult to use, has large transaction costs, lacks an orderbook, and lacks other automated functions. Since the majority of users still use PCs or laptops and prefer to access through mobile devices or laptops, there are now just a handful DEX that offer multiple device compatibility for trading.

The major feature will be the non-custodial layer 2 based exchange known as Polkadex Orderbook. With the connection of Web3 wallets based on Chrome or another browser extension and compatibility for mobile phone OS, the platform will grant access. Open orders, order history, transaction history, and a price graph are all visible under orderbook. As users may choose swap amounts in percentage, similar to CEX, with per-token prices, transaction fees, and predicted balances, order placement will also be transparent and open. Without worrying about a hack or other attack on the investment, Polkadex offers to keep your asset on the exchange. As a result, users can also deploy algorithmic trading in a non-custodial setting.

Polkadex Price Prediction

Month & YearPDEX Price Prediction
September 2022$1.94
October 2022$2.89
November 2022$3.22
December 2022$3.41
January 2023$3.67
February 2023$2.73
March 2023$3.22
April 2023$3.54
May 2023$4.19
June 2023$4.28
September 2023$4.67
December 2023$4.99
April 2024$4.83
July 2024$5.63
October 2024$5.15
January 2025$5.73
February 2025$12.56
March 2025$12.91
April 2025$14.21
May 2025$14.43
June 2025$14.79
July 2025$16.53
August 2025$19.14
September 2025$17.46
October 2025$17.11
November 2025$20.01
Decemeber 2025$20.59
January 2030$44.23
March 2030$46.99
May 2030$52.79
July 2030$48.58
September 2030$55.98
December 2030$58.01

Polkadex Overview

Project namePolkadex
Ticker SymbolPDEX
Total Supply20,000,000
Based onDEX
Launched year2020
All-time high$250 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Kucoin
WalletMetamask, TrustWallet

PDEX IDO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter & Kucoin
Raised by$250,000 USD
Date of ICO16th April 2021
IDO Price$2 USD
Partners & investorFractal, Klit Protocol, DAG, Master Venture, Kenetic, Genblock Capital, Blocksync Ventures, GBIC, GBV, Outlier Ventures, NGC Ventures, BTX Capital, CMS.

PDEX Price Analysis

After receiving a resoundingly positive reaction from both the IDO on Polkastarter and the IEO on KuCoin, PDEX Token begins trading. With a set price of $2 USD, PDEX was sold out in a matter of minutes. However, following listing, the price had nearly reached $250 USD. Therefore, if they sold at the ATH price, investors in IDO or IEO would have nearly earned a 124x ROI. Due to the little supply that is currently being circulated, PDEX is still sustaining neutral resistance at $30 USD. Because of this, we may witness continued price growth as early as the third quarter of 2021. IDO Launchpad may be what encourages investors to hold or stake PDEX token in the future because Polkadex has excellent features and a strong development lineup.

PDEX is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token platform that offers staking, where a predetermined portion of each transaction is divided among users. PDEX will be a crucial token in the future since token holders will profit from the platform after it launches its mainnet, begins trading, launches the IDO project, and offers liquidity and other DEX services. When all platform features are live, PDEX demand will rise and the $250 milestone may be crossed.


All of the essential features of CEX, such as Binance, Coinbase, Gate, and others, were to be brought to the decentralised exchange by Polkadex. As gas prices are soaring and transaction speeds are significantly slower, we are aware that the majority of DEX platforms are based on the Ethereum network. Users currently have to pay transaction fees of over $50 to accomplish one deal, which has an impact on small-value transactions. Polkadot integration will enable 500k transactions to be processed every second while also lowering transaction costs for any cross-chain swap or liquidity provision.

We are aware that thousands of new bitcoin users sign up everyday and that they wished to invest while preserving a decentralised approach. DEX’s current user interface and user experience are quite poor, and despite volume increase over the past two years, there have been no upgrades. The most eagerly anticipated Polkadot feature will be the Polkadot parachain, which will allow traders to bring liquidity without having to trust their assets, hence removing centralised service.

Polkadex will address issues including excessive price slippage, arbitrage, frontrunning, and high swap costs in the suggested solution. However, fee-free transactions and scalability with quicker transaction speeds can draw more commerce to the platform. Orderbook is the most often requested feature by current DEX users, and receiving it together with affordable gas prices will be a bonus.

Another benefit from Polkadex is IDO Launchpad, a project that aims to deliver a more open, safe, and compliant environment. By the end of 2021, Polkadex Mobile will be available, enabling traders to make, alter, or cancel orders using their mobile devices. In addition, Polkadex will offer decentralised KYC, IDO Pallet, high frequency trading, high liquidity, NFTs, and forkless upgrades. It will also facilitate new token migration on Polkadot.

Will PDEX hit $100?

After Q3 of 2021, PDEX demand will undoubtedly improve, which will aid in PDEX’s attempt to hit the $100 mark.

Is PDEX a Good Investment?

PDEX for long-term HODLing will be a wise choice; aim to purchase at or below the $25 USD price.

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