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Price Prediction Blind Boxes (BLES) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Blind Boxes?

The first NFT token gamified aggregator is called Blind Boxes are similar to mystery boxes in that they allow users to rate digital assets or digital treasures by opening or unboxing them. By giving them the chance to profit from their creation, Blind Boxes seeks to empower emerging artists. Due to the fact that most renowned individuals currently get all the benefits and that new, genuine inventors are mostly ignored,

The goal of Blind Boxes is to increase the number of users or buyers on the platform in order to increase artist and brand sales, visibility, and circulation. Platforms also allow collectors to open mystery boxes and find extremely rare NFTs. Blind Boxes will use a round method in which each round’s collector can open sealed presents that have been carefully selected by creators all across the world. The collectibles in the boxes, however, will be distributed at random because some of them are quite expensive. In order to find rating NFTs, it will thus employ a surprise-based mechanism that encourages users to purchase additional blind boxes.

Each curator and creator will get paid for their work on the project. As creators will receive direct platform payments and payment in the form of blind boxes for their work, their portfolios will be more transparent. As the network’s automated smart contracts will handle the buying and selling of creative works. The platform is currently built on the Ethereum network and will switch to the Polkadot ecosystem in the third quarter of 2021.

Blind Boxes Price Prediction

Month & YearBLES Price Prediction
March 2023$0.0068
April 2023$0.0101
May 2023$0.0113
June 2023$0.0120
July 2023$0.0129
August 2023$0.0096
September 2023$0.0113
October 2023$0.0124
November 2023$0.0147
December 2023$0.0150
January 2024$0.0164
March 2024$0.0175
April 2024$0.0170
July 2024$0.0198
October 2024$0.0181
January 2025$0.0201
February 2025$0.0441
March 2025$0.0454
April 2025$0.0500
May 2025$0.0507
June 2025$0.0520
July 2025$0.0581
August 2025$0.0673
September 2025$0.0614
October 2025$0.0602
November 2025$0.0703
Decemeber 2025$0.0724
January 2030$0.1555
March 2030$0.1652
May 2030$0.1856
July 2030$0.1708
September 2030$0.1968
December 2030$0.2039

Blind Boxes Overview

Project nameBlind Boxes
Ticker SymbolBLES
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onNFT
Launched year2020
All-time high$11 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, PancakeSwap, Gate

BLES Token IDO Overview

Platform usedIgnition & BSCPAD
Raised byNA
Date of ICO26th March 2021
ICO Price$0.15 USD

BLES Price Prediction

The governance and utility token for the Blind Boxes platform and its goods is called BLES. As their vote will influence project progress, BLES token holders will directly engage in controlling Blind Boxes with DAO. Public sale of BLES tokens was conducted through paid network igniting and the crypto project launchpad BSCPAD. BLES token was offered for sale at Uniswap DEX for $0.15 USD and listed for $2.01 USD.

After becoming public, BLES increased its market valuation by about $500 million, which allowed them to surpass the $10 USD threshold. as of now is trading at average price $6.50 USD and predicted to exceed $15 USD in few weeks. First and foremost, BLES token will be used for completing NFT-based transactions on marketplaces and accessing blind boxes. The BLES token will be used to distribute rewards for creators, curators, and liquidity providers for each box opening.

Like the Ethernity chain and Loot Token, the demand for Bles will soar in the future, and its price will continue to rise. As the company plans to list BLES on new trading platforms, such as the significant CEX, this will undoubtedly increase market cap and pricing as well.


Blind Boxes, an all-in-one platform to earn digital assets, collectibles, NFTs, and more. Blind Boxes is more than simply an NFT marketplace; it also gives new artists who don’t get enough credit or value for their work a voice. As many young artists lack a strong platform that enables them to interact with actual collectors or users, they must rely on getting their work acquired via portfolios. Hence, Blind Boxes is a terrific concept with all community members sharing benefits for their labour, including buyer, seller, creator, and curator.


Is Blind Boxes a Good Investment?

Blind Boxes investor or term as collector will be having numerous methods to profit in future, therefore Blind Boxes will be investment of the future.

Will Bles Coin hit $50?

A BLES Token is required to get boxes, and as more people become interested in unwrapping, the price will rise. After 2025, a $50 price point is anticipated.

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