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Price Prediction Of Blank Wallet Token 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Blank Wallet Token?

One of the most important aspects of blockchain technology is privacy Blank Wallet Token, which is getting better with decentralized finance. As is well known, 2020 has increased its market volume share significantly and is still growing. The majority of transactions in the DeFi wave are made using the Ethereum blockchain, and popular Eth wallets like Metamask are used in these transactions.

It is claimed that Blank Wallet Token is a non-custodial, more private Ethereum browser wallet. It carries out fundamental duties similar to a regular Ethereum wallet, such as sending, receiving, and holding ERC20 standard tokens. Since the project team believes that during transactions, users’ IP addresses, wallet addresses, and other details become public, Blank helps users reclaim anonymity on every Ethereum wallet transaction. By blending transaction data with a pool of cash within a blank, it is possible to detect or conceal the data and ensure that the transfer remains anonymous.

The usage of smart contracts by Blank allows users to conceal their holdings and account balance through the use of a decentralized, frictionless process. When a fresh transaction is requested by the user, Blank will engage in random activity and produce a new wallet address. The original execution of the mixing pool approach, however, was carried out by zkSnarks proofs using an autonomous and audited smart contract. Nonetheless, user interaction will be same to that of a regular ETH wallet, where users can add and withdraw the ERC20 Token to their balance.

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Blank Wallet Token Price Prediction

Month & YearBLANK Price Prediction
March 2023$0.1017
April 2023$0.1510
May 2023$0.1685
June 2023$0.1783
July 2023$0.1920
August 2023$0.1427
September 2023$0.1685
October 2023$0.1851
November 2023$0.2193
December 2023$0.2238
January 2024$0.2443
March 2024$0.2610
April 2024$0.2527
July 2024$0.2944
October 2024$0.2694
January 2025$0.2997
February 2025$0.6571
March 2025$0.6753
April 2025$0.7436
May 2025$0.7550
June 2025$0.7740
July 2025$0.8650
August 2025$1.0016
September 2025$0.9136
October 2025$0.8954
November 2025$1.0471
December 2025$1.0775
January 2030$2.3143
March 2030$2.4585
May 2030$2.7620
July 2030$2.5419
September 2030$2.9289
December 2030$3.0351

Blank Wallet Token Overview

Project nameBlank Wallet
Ticker SymbolBLANK
Total Supply125,000,000
Based onWallet
Launched year2020
All-time high$2.10 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap
WalletOwn Wallet

Blank Wallet Token IDO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter
Raised byNA
Date of IDO5th march 2021
IDO Price$0.064
Partners & investorMagnus Capital, x21 digital, spark digital capital, Woodstock, GBV capital,

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Blank Wallet Token Price Analysis

The BLANK utility token, also known as the Blank Wallet Token, is supported by the project’s developers and community. Blank Token choose the Polkastarter platform for the IDO token public sale. After successfully being listed on Uniswap, Blank will continue to expand, crossing the 1,000 token mark in just one day. Blank was sold in IDO for $0.064 USD, and sales were discontinued after raising $120,000 USD. Holders of blank tokens receive a number of advantages, including reduced transaction fees. Those who offer liquidity will each receive a third of the gas fees. platform included a feature where users that sign up first can access beta versions and new features. Programs that compensate users for referring new users to the platform are also crucial.


The future of wallet is arrived and is following tradition while emphasising anonymity and privacy. Advantages exist for Blank Wallet. With the aid of decentralised smart contract execution, it merely hides IP address, modifies wallet address, and conceals balance. Yet, the platform’s technology was developed by a number of different people in the past. As only the user is aware of their exact balance and the address they are using, Blank as the name suggests displays a blank balance to attackers and hackers. The demand for Blank will rise in the future, along with the number of BLANK Token holders and the price.


How much Blank Wallet Token worth in 2025?

With bullish run it could reach $12 USD.

Is Blank Wallet Token a Good Investment?

Yes, long-term holders of ERC20 tokens and DEX traders in particular.

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