How To Send Chat And Messages On Reddit

Anybody with a Reddit record can send private messages to another client, albeit these are restricted to messages as it were. Versatile clients might have to attempt workarounds because of Reddit’s fragmented portable site and habitually evolving applications.

Strategy – 1

On The Portable Site

  • Visit the minimal site (suggested). There are two adaptations of the Reddit portable site: and You can answer to messages on it is possible that one, yet you can create another message on the conservative site.
  • Visit your inbox. On the reduced site, simply click the envelope in the upper right. On the standard versatile site, contact the “burger” menu symbol in the upper right (three even lines). In the drop-down menu that shows up, select the Inbox button, with an envelope image.
  • Answer to a message. Select the “messages” tab to peruse messages different clients have sent you. To answer a message, adhere to these guidelines:
  • Minimal site: contact the stuff symbol to one side of a message, then, at that point, contact “answer.” Type your message and hit “send.”
  • Fundamental site: contact the blue “answer” button under a message. Type your message into the message field and hit “send.”
  • Create another message. Contact the “send a confidential message” button at the highest point of the inbox screen. Finish up each field, including the “are you human?” Manual human test, then hit send.

Technique – 2

On The Work Area Site

  • Check your inbox. Visit and sign in to your record. Click the envelope image close to your username close to the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then again, go directly to while you are signed in.
  • Communicate something specific. When you’re in your inbox, the tabs at the highest point of the screen change. Click the “send a confidential message” tab to go to the message composing screen. Finish up the “to,” “subject,” and “message” fields, and snap send.
  • You can likewise go directly to
  • Answer to messages. When a discussion has begun, you don’t have to finish up the structure once more. Simply go to your inbox (the envelope) to see your got messages. Click the dim “answer” connect under a message to compose an answer.
  • Find the send connect on a client page. At the point when you see a username (as a rule under an accommodation or remark that client composed), you can click it to visit the client page. On that page, search for a little “send a confidential message” connect close to the upper right corner, under the karma sums.


On A Reddit Application

  • Search for an envelope in the upper right. The authority Reddit application is in dynamic advancement with normal updates, numerous clients actually utilize one of a few informal applications. On certain forms of Android applications, you can arrive at the informing inbox by contacting the envelope symbol in the upper right.
  • Swipe for a route cabinet. On the off chance that you don’t see an envelope symbol on Android, swipe left to open the route cabinet. Select the envelope symbol on the rundown.
  • Tap the inbox tab at the lower part of the iOS application. The authority Reddit application for iOS puts the envelope symbol at the base edge of the screen.
  • Communicate something specific through a client page all things being equal. Rather than perusing inbox choices, you can communicate something specific from somebody’s Reddit name all things being equal. The format fluctuates with each application, however,
  • this is the general cycle:
  • Select the username written in little letters just under or over a post. In the event that you don’t see one, tap the post or the “…” extension button first.
  • Tap the envelope symbol or the “communicate something specific” button.
  • Type your message and hit “send” to convey the message to the username you chose.


Are Reddit chats private?

On Reddit, users may have private conversations with other users. If a user decides they no longer wish to participate in these private talks, they can leave them.

Why can’t I message someone on Reddit?

The ability to send private messages is disabled for new accounts and accounts with low karma in order to stop spammers and other message abusers. However, you won’t be allowed to send private messages until you’ve been using Reddit for a long and have accumulated some karma.

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