Twitter May Give Checkmark To Top 10,000 Companies For Free

The Twitter feature “Verification for Organizations” is now available globally.

headed by Elon Musk Based on the number of their followers, Twitter intends to offer a $1,000 checkmark gratis to the top 10,000 firms on the platform.

The Verge reports that the top 500 sponsors on the microblogging platform will reportedly not be forced to pay a $1,000 monthly charge in order to maintain their certified status and checkmarks.

The decision is being made because Twi-tter is getting ready to make significant changes to the way platform-wide verification works. Twitter’s “Verification for Organizations” service is now available to everyone in the globe. Twi-tter Discovers the Tweet Pop-Source Up’s Code.

The website’s “Twitter Verified” account tweeted last month that “Verified Organizations are available everywhere. The waitlist’s authorized organizations are currently receiving email invites.


According to the company, Verified Organizations provide organisations and their affiliates a creative way to distinguish out on the microblogging platform.

The company also announced that all previous Blue-certified checkmarks will no longer be accessible to organizations or individuals as of April 1.

Every user may now sign up for Twitter Blue and become Blue Verified for just $7 per month if they do so using a web browser. For promoting non-consensual nudity and juvenile sexual exploitation in India, Twi-tter deactivates a startling 6.8 million profiles.

A brand-new premium API service from Twitter that offers free, basic, and enterprise membership tiers has been unveiled in the meantime. These three tiers include an organisational level that costs a lot of money, a free basic level that is mostly intended for content publishing bots, and a basic level that costs $100 a month.

By making at least a piece of that bundle accessible for free to advertisers and groups having sizable followings, Twitter may be able to prevent the steep increase in authentication’s price from having a significant negative impact on the Twi-tter community.

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It appears that many of the major players won’t be losing their checkmarks, even if they refuse to give Twitter $12,000 a year. This is done primarily to stop consumers from receiving false information or from adhering to fictitious organizations and groups.

Brands are among the most easily imitated, as seen by the influx of fake profiles that appeared when Twitter Blue verification, which allowed users to buy a blue checkmark, was first introduced.

Twitter has put certain security measures in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. You will momentarily lose the checkmark if you change your profile picture, display name, or @ handle while Twi-tter inspects your account to make sure you aren’t actually breaking its impersonation policies.


What does the check mark mean Twitter?

Subscribers to Twitter Blue will have access to features that are exclusive to subscribers, such reader mode, 1080p video uploads, and Edit Tweet. When we’ve checked to make sure that your account complies with all of our criteria, including our policies against impersonation, subscribers will also get a blue checkmark.

Is Twitter checkmark free?

Its distinctive feature, a blue check mark next to your account name, was formerly free for well-known accounts whose identities have been confirmed by the business.

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