The Top 10 Low Investment Startups Ideas

It may seem difficult to think of an excellent business idea, but with some research and preparation, you can easily start a small business to supplement your income or work for yourself full-time.

There are now dozens of different businesses you can start for free or with very low investment because mobile devices and technology have become standard. Additionally, with the benefit of the tools at your disposal, you can generate income without putting in a lot of effort.

Here are 10 Startups you can launch for free with hardly any effort:

Online resale

You might think about starting an online reseller business if you have an interest in both sales and clothing. You can start your resale business as a side gig and scale it up to a full-time operation, but it will take time, commitment, and a keen eye for fashion. Start by selling your unwanted clothing and items on online marketplaces like Poshmark and Mercari, then move on to starting your own resale website.

Consider looking for hidden gems at cheap prices at estate sales and flea markets, then listing them online to sell for a profit. If you are diligent enough and search the right places, you might be able to gather a large inventory of items that are in good shape for very little overhead.

Freelance Writing Business

One of the simplest online businesses to launch in 2023 is undoubtedly freelance writing. You only need a computer with an internet connection.

Contrary to popular belief, you can begin without a degree in English, journalism, or literature.

You are not even required to be a native English speaker to begin a freelance writing career.

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Sell a service

Services usually have lower overhead and operating costs than products, which need to be developed, manufactured, sourced, stocked, shipped, etc. In essence, you would be marketing a skill or expertise that has been enhanced over time. You will therefore have more opportunities to reduce your initial investment and ongoing costs depending on the service you choose.


Are you good with children? Why not launch a preschool business to assist time-pressed parents?

It can be enjoyable and fulfilling to open a nursery. Additionally, you don’t need to invest as much money up front to get it started. Even from the comfort of your own home, you could start one.

To start your daycare center, keep in mind that you might need to obtain a permit; therefore, do your research before opening one.

Home-based Catering

You can start a home-based food service business and earn a respectable income if you enjoy cooking and see it as a creative outlet.

The initial investment is based on the size of the setup that you want. You might be able to launch your business for less money, for instance, if you start with smaller events that you can handle on your own.

The majority of home caterers begin by developing a website, experimenting with nearby food markets, or joining platforms that enable culinary experts to make some money off of their skills.

Service for Social Media Management

It’s no surprise that many businesses are rushing to establish themselves on social sharing platforms given the importance of having a strong online presence for booming and remaining relevant in the modern business world.

Helping busy business owners manage their social media accounts is another way you can turn this into a profitable venture.

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Online tutoring

If you are an expert in another subject, such as art or maths, you can launch an online teaching business. A bachelor’s degree in the subject you want to teach is a necessary requirement.

On websites like Skooli and, you can find students who need online tutoring. Always teach topics related to your area of expertise for the best results, as you’ll be able to impart your skills and useful knowledge to improve your students’ knowledge. Online tutoring is one of the simplest online businesses to launch because you can interact with your students and deliver lectures via Zoom.

Consulting Business

If you have business knowledge, you could work as a consultant who offers others advice and insights. To begin operating your consulting business, you will need to evaluate your strengths and skills in order to select your niche.

As a consultant, you can help other businesses succeed and expand by providing a wide range of services, including HR, strategy development, technology, accounting, and more.

To be successful in your consulting undertaking, you will need to analyse the market needs and pain points that your clients face.

Online bookkeeping

Many bookkeeping tasks can now be completed online thanks to technology, just like in education. If you are an accountant or bookkeeper who wants the freedom and independence of running your own business, use modern technology to start your own online bookkeeping service.

App development

A career in app development might be something you want to think about if you have knowledge and experience in technology. The fact that many Americans use smartphones as a regular accessory has raised demand for mobile apps. Similar to how virtual reality equipment has gained popularity recently, there is a need for VR app development.

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