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Price Prediction Of Polkastarter (Pols) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Polkastarter?

As the name implies, Polkastarter is a decentralized platform on the Polkadot Blockchain for the launch of new projects. Polkastarter is a protocol that permits cross-chain token and auction transactions, as well as helps to raise money in a decentralized and open environment. The project was announced in September 2020, but because the Polkadot ecosystem could not handle the deployment of smart contracts at that time, the project launch was split into two sections.

As the primary objective was to test, trade, and sell tokens while also developing an appropriate infrastructure to enable Polkadot in the future, Polkastarter Phase 1 was completed with the introduction of a workable product on the Ethereum network. In phase 2, the project will be fully developed on the Polkadot network, along with an ERC20 token pool swap platform. The platform’s key feature will be the creation of a marketplace that draws connects pool creators and liquidity suppliers. However, Polkastarter is introducing permissionless listing, which enables Pols Token holders to add swap token pools and has also been incorporated to combat harmful bot pools.

Additionally, the project offers an anti-scam option to prevent users from purchasing the incorrect token. With the introduction of high-slippage price alerts and token import alerts, the platform aims to give users with correct prices.

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Polkastarter Price Prediction

Month & YearPOLS Price Prediction
March 2023$0.5726
April 2023$0.8504
May 2023$0.9487
June 2023$1.0043
July 2023$1.0812
August 2023$0.8034
September 2023$0.9487
October 2023$1.0427
November 2023$1.2350
December 2023$1.2607
January 2024$1.3760
March 2024$1.4701
April 2024$1.4231
July 2024$1.6581
October 2024$1.5171
January 2025$1.6880
February 2025$3.7008
March 2025$3.8034
April 2025$4.1880
May 2025$4.2521
June 2025$4.3589
July 2025$4.8717
August 2025$5.6409
September 2025$5.1452
October 2025$5.0427
November 2025$5.8974
Decemeber 2025$6.0683
January 2030$13.0340
March 2030$13.8460
May 2030$15.5553
July 2030$14.3160
September 2030$16.4955
December 2030$17.0938

Polkastarter Overview

Project namePolkastarter
Ticker SymbolPOLS
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onPolkadot Blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time high$1.74 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Hoo, MXC, 1inch Exchange,, Poloniex, HitBTC, Huobi, BKEX, Biki, Bitmart

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Pols token Price Analysis

Pols Token is causing a storm for 2021; at the end of last year, it was selling for less than $0.10 USD, and it has since increased by approximately 13 times to reach $1.5 USD. After advancing to the launch of Phase 2B, Pols Token thinks that demand will continue to rise, leading to higher prices for the token. The value of the token may cross the $2 USD level in the upcoming week, at which point the graph may move in either direction or remain stable. The Polkastarter ecosystem’s Pol’s Token is a crucial utility token that supports governance and the introduction of new features.

As far as we are aware, Polkastarter enables users to establish new swap pools and generate funds for new projects, but in order to do so, users must stake or own Pols tokens. Pols Tokens are a ticket to launch a liquidity pool, exchange listing, and marketing, to put it simply.


The goal of Polkastarter is to transform DeFi into an infinite entity by introducing new energy into the DeFi field. The project is built on Polkadot, the blockchain with the quickest growth rate, and this integration has already altered the momentum of several other blockchain projects. Direct deployment of a new project with fundraising will be feasible because to Polkastarter’s upcoming completion of phase 3, which is why this project will be one to watch in 2021. Many ERC20 Tokens now have scalability and higher transaction cost issues, and Polkastarter offers an open and permissionless ecosystem to address such issues.


Will Pols hit $10 USD?

as per the bullish market trend expected after 2023.

How Much is Polkastarter Worth in 2030?

Worth more than $50 US most likely.

Is Polkastarter a Good Investment?

The project has a bright future, and Polkastarter will play an important role in that future as most Ethereum-based projects migrate to Polkadot.

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