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Honest review of Ukdda Website Real or fake?

Guys today we will talking about Ukdda Website, if you’re looking to earn money every day through solving captchas, this article may greatly help you. The work type you will need to perform on this Website is the Captcha typing work.

Friends Many of my friends recently pinned me on Instagram and requested I review their site with the name Ukdda.com which is why I am sharing the Review.

What exactly is the Ukdda Jobs website?

Ukdda is an Indian Captcha Typing work-based website that claims to pay Per Day Rs100 to Rs1,500 by solving CaptchaCaptcha. There are no limits for Captchas. You can resolve the infinite CaptchaCaptcha.

We all know that Domain Age (Company Age) is important because it can determine if this Website is authentic or fake. This, website is a four years old website. However, the Website was initially created in a different niche and has since transformed into Captcha Typing Work.

Ukdda Website honest Review

However, before you sign up for an account on the website, let me share my personal experience. When I registered my account on the Official website, they sent me a mail, and in the mail, they provided my login id and password for logging in to the Ukdda website.

When I went to my dashboard section, I saw one highlighted message stating that my account wasn’t yet activated to activate. So you must pay Rs500 in only a couple of seconds, and I am completely aware that this is a fake site.

Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on this type of Website. Even when they promise that they’ll offer us captcha typing work, why would Ukdda want you to shell out Rs 500 for an amount? The answer is simple. Ukdda is a Scam website.


I always advise people to avoid writing reviews like this on a fake site because this site could fool certain students, so be wary and share this Review in the most effective way possible with buddies.

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