Delete these Harmful Android apps immediately: if you’re among the 400 million+ users spied on by them

Over the years, a variety of security risks and vulnerabilities have been found in a wide range of Harmful Android apps, but it’s difficult to recall a malware-spreading campaign that was as terrifying as the most recent one reported by Doctor Web researchers.

You recall the lone Harmful Android apps we mentioned last week? It was initially innocent, but soon after receiving a seemingly unimportant update, it started to violate users’ privacy.

Now, it has been discovered that no less than 101 (other) apps have spyware-injecting modules. And if that figure isn’t enough to give you the shivers, here’s another: 420 1,000,000. The number of persons who might potentially be spied on is equal to the total number of downloads from the Play Store that the titles below have managed to amass (at the absolute least) Harmful Android apps.

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The culprits

  • Noizz: video editor with music
  • Zapya – File Transfer, Share
  • VFly: video editor&video maker
  • MVBit – MV video status maker
  • Biugo – video maker&video editor
  • Crazy Drop
  • Cashzine – Earn money reward
  • Fizzo Novel – Reading Offline
  • CashEM: Get Rewards
  • Tick: watch to earn
  • Bank Bingo Slot
  • Bingo-J
  • Jelly Connect
  • Mega Win Slots
  • Lucky Clover Bingo
  • Jackpot King – Coin Pusher
  • Owl Pop Mania
  • Daily Step
  • Get Rich Scanner
  • Star Quiz
  • Lucky Jackpot Pusher
  • Pic Pro – AI Photo Enhancer
  • PlayBox: Rewarded Play
  • Mission Guru: Brain Boost
  • Bubble Connect – puzzle match
  • Novelah – Read fiction & novel
  • InstaCash:Earn rewards
  • VibeTik
  • Bingo Tour
  • Coin Big Bang
  • Gold Miner Coin Dozer
  • Match Fun 3D
  • SurveyKing – Earn from surveys
  • Holiday Solitaire Party
  • Step Counter:Keep Fit
  • Survey Cash – Earn Easy Cash
  • BitCoin Connect
  • Mega Blast Tree
  • Treasure Scanner
  • Mega Coin Dozer
  • TT Tube:Short Video
  • Space Pop: Bubble Shooter
  • WOW Domino
  • Cake Factory: Pop Match3
  • Solitaire Arena
  • Domino Master
  • Royal Fishing Party
  • Piggy Rush Slot
  • Fruit BigBang
  • Solitaire Go: TriPeaks
  • Casino Royale: Wild Slots
  • Coin Vibe
  • Lucky Word Club
  • Money Gun – Earn money easily
  • Weather & Rewards – Real Money
  • Witch Slots 2
  • Fruit Drop
  • Bingo Joy
  • Video Tube: Cash Back
  • Digger Master – Casino slots
  • Trend Games
  • Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards
  • bucksfir
  • NovelFun
  • PixMania: Ganhe prêmios no pix
  • MemGuru
  • Candy Gas
  • Cash Prizes – Earn Rewards App
  • Gamony : Make Money Everyday
  • OhCash
  • Youth Rewards – Cash App
  • Fantasy Pusher
  • Money Game-Win Real Cash
  • Smart Walk
  • Mania Vegas Slots
  • Tap Away 3D
  • StepWin-Pedometer & Step Tracker
  • Queen Match-Triple Tile Master
  • Fast Wallet-Earn Money & games
  • Lion Coin: The King of Rewards
  • Reweize: Earn Rewards
  • SWE Rewards “Swedswap”
  • Blitz Slots
  • Water Puzzle Captain
  • Money Tube: Video Player
  • DigiWards
  • Bitcoin Cash Giveaway
  • Money Well:Play game & earn cash
  • Stars Coin
  • Colo Chess
  • Alaa win play
  • Lucky Money – Real Money Games
  • Puzzle Cash
  • Jackpot bingo Slots
  • Pop Rewards
  • Play Tube
  • Loto Scratch and Win
  • Game Reward- Real Money Games
  • Parking Inc. 3D
  • Maya Merge
  • Royal Dice Party
  • ChipWin To 21:Merge game

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The issue

All of these Harmful Android apps are currently hiding, or at one point during their existence, they were all hiding the malicious capability to collect information on files stored on your devices without user consent. This capability goes beyond simply inundating your phone with ads and slowing down its performance or, well, annoying you while you’re trying to have a little fun with some casual card games or video editing tools.

Even worse, the marketing SDK (software development kit) attached to these Harmful Android apps contains spyware that can secretly transfer files from your Android phone to remote servers and gather a variety of private information about various sensors that can be used to track your every move both online and offline.

The top 10 games on the list are wildly popular and have mostly positive reviews, which is what makes it so frightening. It also contains many games that are still accessible for Play Store installation.

The reason for this is because certain programmes, like Zapya, have actually removed their trojan modules with recent upgrades Harmful Android apps, indicating that their makers were unaware of the malware that was inserted by malicious actors and third-party advertising.

While some titles were removed by Google as a result of Dr. Web’s findings, others appear to have been pardoned, which might imply they are now entirely fine to use Harmful Android apps. But are you ready to take that chance, and can you trust a developer who either intended to spy on you but was caught in the act, or who never had that aim but nevertheless enabled malware to circulate unchecked through their Harmful Android apps?


What is Harmful Android apps?

Applications classified as potentially harmful (PHAs) pose a danger to consumers, user data, or devices.

What is the danger of third-party apps?

Unrestricted app shops may provide applications that have not been examined or authorised by Apple, posing a security risk to both consumers and companies. Malicious programmes purchased from these shops have the potential to infect users’ devices with malware, creating security threats like as data breaches and identity theft.

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