Garmin reveals high-end smartwatch: With deep pockets for explorers

A pair of new smartwatches from Garmin that are geared at adventurers and extreme fitness fans have recently been released. However, they are premium devices with premium specifications and premium costs.

The Epix Pro series comes first. These smartwatchs’ key selling point is their AMOLED displays, which Garmin has started to fully embrace as a design element that offers a vibrant image without using up too much battery life. Additionally, there are several sophisticated fitness functions, a built-in torch with numerous brightness settings and a strobe mode, and a red-only visual display option for low light.

To that purpose, the Epix Pro series comes with ‘dozens’ of brand-new, preloaded activities, including many more as well as football, basketball, riding horses and racquet sports smartwatch. The fitness monitors now include sophisticated data like endurance and hill ratings. Notifications on attractions along the route will also be sent to runners and walkers. In order to see local environmental conditions, new weather map overlays have been added. Additionally, topographic maps’ colouring has been improved to make it simpler to interpret heights. Three sizes (42mm, 47mm, and 51mm) of the Epix Pro series are available right now. Costs begin at $900.

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The Fenix 7 Pro series is designed for serious explorers and has solar charging, a strong LED torch, mapping enhancements, and a red safety light, all of which are meant to increase awareness when ninja-style training in the dark. New optical sensors and sport-specific algorithms that detect your heart rate during a variety of activities have improved the heart rate sensor smartwatch. However, if your main worry is an ECG, you’ll need to go elsewhere as there isn’t an ECG app available.

The new endurance score feature, which combines V02 sensors, hill scores, and prior training data, assesses how simple it is to participate in sustained physical activity. The Fenix 7 has an upgraded mapping system with weather overlays, places of interest, and enhancements to topographic maps, just as the Epix Pro. Additionally, there are brand-new preloaded activities like motocross and whitewater rafting. The Fenix 7 Pro starts at $800 and comes in a variety of shapes and styles.


Is Garmin better than Fitbit?

Garmin: The Final Word. You can choose a product from these two manufacturers that meets your demands. While Garmin offers goods with cutting-edge fitness capabilities, Fitbit is a terrific health tool. Fitbit trackers are more streamlined and covert than Garmin trackers, which have a classic smartwatch appearance.

Is Garmin the best smartwatch brand?

One of the greatest firms for precise position and distance monitoring is Garmin, although many of its more reasonably priced wearables lack GPS technology. In contrast, the less expensive wearables typically contain “connected GPS,” allowing them to provide GPS tracking using a connected smartphone.

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