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Price Prediction Of Covalent Coin ICO (CQT) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Covalent Coin?

In order to deliver openness and insight to various blockchain network assets, Covalent Coin is nothing more than an uniform API. The leading blockchain networks now supporting Covalent Coin are Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, and more will be added shortly. Without creating a single line of code, this API will make it possible to get extensive information about blockchain transaction data from compatible blockchains.

In addition to making blockchain data points visible, Covalent Coin sought to offer a single, integrated API that can retrieve billions of potential outcomes. Project claimed to have the absolute richest blockchain data available on the internet, with over 25 billion transactions indexed, 200 thousand or more smart contracts available, 30 thousand or more price fees, and a refresh rate of 30 seconds. Project aims to empower the pioneers in the blockchain ecosystem by giving them access to a strong data infrastructure.

The only blockchain project, called Covalent Coin, has completely indexed the whole blockchain, including every single wallet address, contract, and transaction. Providing composability, one of the key components of the DeFi programme, allows developers to rapidly and simply create financial solutions by utilising building blocks akin to Legos. Covalent Coin now makes it feasible to apply any code since they offer multichain flexibility and granular data.

Covalent Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearCQT Price Prediction
September 2022$0.14
October 2022$0.21
November 2022$0.24
December 2022$0.25
January 2023$0.27
February 2023$0.20
March 2023$0.24
April 2023$0.26
May 2023$0.31
June 2023$0.31
September 2023$0.34
December 2023$0.37
April 2024$0.35
July 2024$0.41
October 2024$0.38
January 2025$0.42
February 2025$0.92
March 2025$0.95
April 2025$1.04
May 2025$1.06
June 2025$1.09
July 2025$1.21
August 2025$1.41
September 2025$1.28
October 2025$1.26
November 2025$1.47
Decemeber 2025$1.51
January 2030$3.25
March 2030$3.45
May 2030$3.88
July 2030$3.57
September 2030$4.11
December 2030$4.26

Covalent Coin Overview

Project nameCovalent
Ticker SymbolCQT
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onAPI
Launched year2020
Audited byCertik
Exchange PlatformNA
WalletWeb3 Wallet

CQT ICO Overview

Platform usedCoinlist
Raised byNA
Date of ICO29th April to 30th April 2021
ICO PriceOption 1: $0.35 (no Lockup) Option 2: $0.3 (12-month release) Option 3: $0.25 (24-month release)
PartnersFrontier, Reef, Authereum, Terra Virtua, consensys, Balancer, AllianceBlock, ChainGuardians, Upbot, Polkastarter, Huddin, BalloonBox, 0x, Loopring, Shyft, instapp, university of Calgary.

CQT Price Analysis

Covalent Query (CQT) The coin serves as the Covalent Ecosystem’s native and governance token. The CQT token, as its full name implies, serves as the key to access API data requests. However, CQT can stake to receive benefits in addition to validator earning fees from responding to inquiries.

The public sale for CQT is being held on the Coinlist Trading platform, while the private and seed sales have already begun. As CQT enables freely trading to 24-month lockup with timetable release, it will be accessible for varied prices and locking periods. More than 500k users are anticipated to participate in the CQT sale, another massive successor to Casper and Mina Protocol, and they will be in line to purchase CQT. The highest price for option 1 is $0.35 USD, and when CQT is listed on a trading platform, we may anticipate it to commence trading with a 30x premium above option 1’s price. As the idea has huge potential and might potentially equal Flow’s all-time ROI, which is above 200x after listing on a major CEX, 30x means $10.


In recent years, API has emerged as the most crucial factor in the quicker and easier development of new innovations. Covalent has enabled multi-chain compatibility; it is already indexed on seven distinct blockchain networks and will soon be live on all of them. The project has partnered with approximately 100 other blockchain initiatives, and they are also supported by leading businesses and venture capital firms including Binance Labs, Hashed, delphi Digital, Coinbase Venture, and others. The most popular part of any sector right now is the usage of APIs and no-code solutions, therefore Covalent with APIs will assist users in avoiding SQL queries, subgraph construction, and maintenance. Since there is no need to employ a costly developer to create your own solution or application, API costs will be considerably lower.

Will CQT hit $10?

most likely after one or two days of being listed on the exchange.

Is Covalent a Good Investment?

Considering future API support, investing in Covalent during the ICO sale will be wise.

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