Now You Can Use Canva on ChatGPT: Here’s how to use

Use Canva on ChatGPT

Use Canva on ChatGPT may now create graphics using Canva, including banners, logos, and more. How to install and utilise the plugin is shown below.

  • Open the AI-powered chatbot in your browser, scroll down to the plugin area, and choose “Plugin Store” to Use Canva on ChatGPT.
  • Next, look up and download the Canva plugin. Once finished, go to ChatGPT’s main window and choose ‘Canva’ from the plugin list.
  • Specify what you want to produce in the chatbot’s prompt box, then wait a few seconds. For instance, you may ask ChatGPT to make a banner that reads, “I am a Facebook-active smartphone enthusiast.” Make a banner to promote the same.”
  • Select your favourite image from the list of graphics produced by ChatGPT, then click the link that appears above it Use Canva on ChatGPT.
  • You will now be sent to Canva, where you can modify and download the AI-generated graphic by hitting the ‘Share’ button and selecting the ‘Download’ option.
Use Canva on ChatGPT

You may rapidly create graphics with a professional appearance and the necessary content by using the Canva plugin for ChatGPT.

AI has been integrated into anva’s platform and its functionalities are continually being updated. It’s now ChatGPT’s chance to crank things up a notch. Users may now add the Use Canva on ChatGPT by using a plugin to the GPT-4 plugin shop to rapidly create any design, table, graphic, or image. The plugin includes reels with both short films and photos.

The user may choose from a variety of templates available, such as posters and flyers, and ChatGPT will produce a bespoke template with the specified content, saving users from having to do it manually. This feature is currently only accessible on ChatGPT Plus, the chatbot’s premium edition.

Users may simply change the picture after it has been imported from Canva onto the platform, as well as port and redirect users to the Canva app for more image editing. Instead of creating a picture from scratch like Midjourney or other text-to-image generators do, this plugin leverages templates from Cavnva to swiftly produce the user’s desired design Use Canva on ChatGPT.

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Canva upping the AI game

Canva released a number of AI enhancements in March of this year to quicken the creative process. These applications provide functions like Text to Image, Magic Eraser, Magic Edit, and Translate, which translates designs into many languages and uses artificial intelligence to eliminate undesired items from photos. Beat Sync also guarantees flawless music and visual synchronization.

Canva offers other AI-driven capabilities for user convenience in addition to these AI technologies. These AI design and user experience skills speed up the creative process and help produce designs of a professional calibre.

The Use Canva on ChatGPT plugin streamlines the design process, accelerating the entire process. Canva revolutionized graphic design by making tools accessible to everyone, but this takes it a step further by enabling the quick creation of expert designs. Interestingly, users had previously developed workarounds to formally link Canva and ChatGPT, but with this release, users may do so directly.

With regards to ChatGPT, this plugin provides an indication as to the next step OpenAI will take to eventually make GPT-4 multimodal, as the company has long promised.


Plugins are now exclusively accessible to ChatGPT Plus users, who pay $20 (about Rs 1,650) every month Use Canva on ChatGPT. The revised GPT-4 big language model, which the business claims may help with writing long-form text and take photos as input, is available to customers with the premium membership.


Can you use ChatGPT with Canva?

Your social media approach may be streamlined by integrating ChatGPT with Canva. It’s official: ChatGPT is available, and users have used it in a variety of ways. I recently discovered how to utilise ChatGPT with Canva to make social media posts from a YouTube video. Despite having a few phases, the method is rather simple.

Is it legal to use Canva graphics?

You may use all of Canva’s free images, audio files, and video assets for both commercial and noncommercial purposes. Please be sure to check the picture source or get in touch with us if you’re unclear if a photo, audio, or video file contains an identifiable person, location, brand, or trademark.

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