Hilarious Pokémon attack moves memes

Pokémon has been an essential part of childhood, and now it’s coming back with new episodes, which has sparked a new craze among people. People are now making hilarious memes about them and their attacks.

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This meme depicts how some Pokémon are equipped with one of the most delicate nature attacks, which involves the fire attack. There are various levels of fire attack; some Pokémon can throw only small pinches of fire while others, like Charizard, can attack with a massive bulk of flame which would burn the enemy entirely to the core.

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Similarly, the second one can use his soaking abilities to make water attacks and even absorb the attacks made by the opponent. Compared to such excellent attacks, which can prove severe harm to the opponent, the last Pokémon suggests that he throws nuts at the enemies, which does not significantly damage them. He says it with such a chill expression on his face.

Pikachu receives a lot of attention in the entire cartoon; he is given special attention and benefits from Ash as he was his first Pokémon. When Ash took his Pokémon from the professor at that time, Pikachu was an extremely aggressive Pokémon, but later, with time and Ash’s care, he became friendly.

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He never wanted to leave Ash alone, so he did not go into Pokeball and preferred being with Ash. His personality resembles a lot of his master, which is evident in his notorious nature, he has a firm hold on the lightning attacks, but when he is angry, he shouts and irritates Ash. This meme points toward the behavior of Pikachu.

The mouth is a member of team rocket and the only one-of-a-kind pet in the entire world. He has the ability that he can understand human language and converse in the same, whereas other Pokémon lack this ability. He can understand what Pokémon say and can act as a translator.

The primary language of various Pokémon is their names. So this meme shows that in the meeting of Pokémon, all Pokémon speak their languages, whereas the mouth asks them why they are not communicating in average (humans) language.

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