To improve the STAR program dispatching Denver will use AI

STAR program dispatching

The Support Squad Assisted Response (STAR program) squad in Denver intends to employ artificial intelligence to assist dispatchers in deciding when to send them.

Details: According to agency head Andrew Dameron, the city intends to use a tool created by Corti, a Danish business that specializes in artificial intelligence for the healthcare industry, to assist in identifying which Denver 911 calls are STAR program-eligible.

STAR program, which was introduced in June 2020 as a trial program, sends a clinician and paramedic rather than a police officer to calls involving concerns about trespassing, welfare checks, mental health, drunkenness, or drug use.

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Why it’s important According to city authorities, this is probably the first instance of an agency adopting AI technology, which has recently come under fire for its use and possible effects.

The mystery: Dameron claims the software’s deployment is “imminent,” yet it won’t operate in real-time.

It will examine recorded 911 calls, according to Dameron, and look for patterns and keywords that point to a circumstance that might benefit from STAR program’s assistance. This could be used to improve the ability of a dispatcher to identify an appropriate response, as it is up to them to decide whether to dispatch police, fire, EMS, or STAR to calls.

In terms of numbers: According to papers Axios Denver acquired through a public records request, the city will pay CORTI $60,000 this year for the services.

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What they’re saying: Dameron tells us, “My hope is that it will at least help us further identify that realm of STAR-eligible calls that we may be missing right now.”

He stated that it is still a relatively new talent for dispatchers to distinguish between a call that may go to the STAR program instead of the police.

The larger picture: The department’s objective is to improve STAR program’s reaction time and further develop it as a separate emergency response agency from police, fire, and EMS with the use of the software.

Currently, when someone calls 911, the police non-emergency line, or the STAR line (720-913-STAR), a call taker, who is distinct from a dispatcher, will ask about the situation, including safety concerns. The call taker can then flag a call to indicate that it is STAR-eligible, which the dispatcher can see and then prioritize sending a STAR program team out.

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According to Gerrit Van Arkel, vice president of clients and implementation at Corti, conversations with the city about adopting its software in Denver started in late 2021.

Van Arkel informs us that Corti Clear, a program employed by Denver, is used to track call-taker behavior patterns and as a training tool to improve accuracy and productivity.

More detail According to Jack Lasse McInnes, the brand manager for Corti, the Seattle Fire Department began utilizing Corti roughly six years ago STAR program.

According to a testimonial from the Seattle Fire agency, it helps the agency prioritise its services, including altering how it filters calls and emergency call processes.


How is AI being used today?

Technologies that are AI- and machine learning-enabled are already in use in a variety of industries, including healthcare, robotics, research, education, the military, surveillance, finance and its regulation, retail, customer service, and manufacturing.

What is the most advanced AI?

The largest and strongest AI model to date, GPT-3 was launched in 2020. More than ten times as many parameters as its forerunner, GPT-2, make up its 175 billion parameters.

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