MacOS Sonoma’s Top New Features

It’s true that Apple Vision Pro made more of an impression at WWDC 2023 than MacOS Sonoma did, but it doesn’t take anything away from what may be the most useful upgrade to the Mac operating system in years. With MacOS Sonoma, Apple significantly alters every aspect of how you use the Mac, from the time it wakes up through web browsing and video conferencing.

Check out our list of eligible devices before reading about all of these new features to determine whether your device will get the update in the autumn.           

Websites are now apps

This is major news for a generation that was raised online. Any fully functional website may be made into an app using Safari. Due to the current PWA standard, it can enable features like native notifications in addition to appearing with its own icon on the dock. A minimal toolbar with only navigation buttons is visible when you first start the web app, which streamlines the user experience MacOS Sonoma.

Widgets come directly to the desktop

Beginning with the Dashboard era (RIP), widgets have been in MacOS Sonoma for a very long time. The best place to view them hasn’t been in recent years because they’ve been hidden in Notification Centre. The desktop on your Mac may have widgets inserted anywhere with MacOS Sonoma. In addition, just like in iOS/iPadOS 17, they are now interactive, allowing you to play music or complete tasks without ever launching an app.

This new system appears to have been carefully considered by Apple: When you launch an app on your Mac, all of your iPhone widgets will disappear so you can concentrate on the current work.

Apple TV’s beautiful screensavers come to Mac

I adore the stunning screensavers on the Apple TV, which feature drone video of some of the most stunning locations on the planet (and beyond). Now that the Lock Screen has been completely revamped to resemble the iPad, Apple is introducing these screensavers to the Mac.

However, there is a Mac twist to this: The Lock Screen will display a fluid moving movie when you use these animated wallpapers. However, as soon as your Mac is unlocked, the video will pause and become a static desktop background. MacOS Sonoma will debut with a huge selection of these screensaver/wallpaper combos, including images of cities, space scenery, and marine life. For a complete list, see the video up above.

Is this the year of gaming on Mac?

Apple is once more attempting to make gaming on the Mac a reality and is doing so by implementing some useful modifications. The audio on AirPods and Bluetooth gaming controllers now have less delay thanks to a new gaming Mode MacOS Sonoma. Additionally, it increases game performance by providing extra CPU and GPU resources while the game is running. Maybe this will be the year when Mac gaming really takes off with so many great titles coming to the platform and the strength of Apple silicon?

Big updates to video calls

Another significant year for video conferencing has passed thanks to Apple’s addition of quality-of-life enhancements to both FaceTime and video conversations generally. A new Presenter Overlay function allows you to easily include live video into your presentation. You can appear anywhere on the screen as a little circle, or you can fill the entire screen while standing next to a digital copy of your presentation (with the video background cleverly eliminated). FaceTime and all other video conferencing programmes like Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and others will support this capability.

Additionally, Apple is including animated video responses based on your activities MacOS Sonoma. You may form a heart to convey tonnes of love across the screen, offer a thumbs up to indicate joy, and more.

Many new iOS features make their way to the Mac

Profiles have finally been added to Safari, and they function similarly to those in other browsers like Chrome. A new drop-down option in the toolbar allows you to move between each profile, which functions as its own silo. Private tabs, account logins, and individual tab groups in profiles sync across all of your devices.

When you are using private browsing mode, Apple is launching a full-scale fight against trackers. The function now immediately locks the tabs when you move away from the window and removes all user and website monitoring on all sites. Your private tabs will stay secret as long as no one knows your password (or steals your fingerprint).

Many of the new features mentioned in our iOS 17 overview, like as all the new Messages capabilities, are also coming to the MacOS Sonoma. The same is true for increased PDF compatibility in Notes app, automated PDF form filling, sticker support, and other features.


Is macOS Sierra newer than Catalina?

The release date for Apple’s latest operating system, macOS 10.15 Catalina, is set for October 7, 2019. According to Apple’s release schedule, security updates will no longer be provided for macOS 10.12 Sierra. High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14, and the most recent Catalina 10.15 have all superseded Sierra.

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