What Is Pee Anxiety? Know About This Condition Here

If you’ve ever had the urge to urinate while walking by a restroom or woken up repeatedly during the night to use the restroom, you know that the urge to urinate may occasionally be challenging and even frustrating. However, it’s worth noting that you’re currently mingling with one of the world’s most powerful figures.

What Is Pee Anxiety?

According to Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian recently talked on Keeping Up with the Kardashians about her bathroom issue.

Kardashian stated, “I travel with a cup in the backseat of the car with a Ziploc of wet wipes.”She wishes that her pee anxiety does not get the best of her.

You’re not the only one who has wondered, “What exactly is pee anxiety?” Dr Nick Tadros was asked to respond to the most pressing inquiries regarding urination anxiety (although if your pee is burning, it might signal a urinary tract infection, so get that checked out). Continue reading to learn more about this.

Everybody urinates, but do you know what happens inside your body when you do it? According to Medline Plus, urea, a type of waste, is carried by the blood to the kidneys where it is filtered before moving on to the bladder. Their specialists say that the bladder retains urine until you are ready to urinate. Your bladder can comfortably contain up to 16 ounces (two cups) of pee for two to five hours if your urinary system is in good shape.

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So, how frequently should a person urinate if the bladder can contain so much urine? There isn’t an adequate answer to it. The Cleveland Clinic is informed by urologist Petar Bajic, MD, that “some people might urinate ten times a day.” “Only four times in a 24 hour may others hear nature’s call.” According to Bajic, any interval in between can be typical. However, if your bathroom routine changes, that could mean anything dangerous or it might be a sign of “pee anxiety.”

The frequent desire to urinate can result from a variety of conditions.

Your urine can reveal a lot about your general health, regardless of whether you feel like you urinate too often or not enough. While you would assume that a change in bathroom habits has an obvious cause—for example, dehydration decreasing urination or discomfort brought on by a UTI—the actual cause isn’t always obvious. And if your pee isn’t as clear—it looks hazy or discoloured—this could indicate kidney issues, whilst a dark brown hue could mean you have liver illness.

According to Tadros, there are numerous causes for a persistent urge to urinate. He lists several common causes of frequent urination, including overactive bladder, enlarged prostate in men, diabetes, urinary tract infections, and drugs (diuretics or “water pills”). He also mentions congestive heart disease as another possible factor. According to Edo Paz, MD, a weak heart may no longer be able to pump blood as effectively, which can lead to an accumulation of fluids.

Both the urge to urinate and the worry that you might have to urinate when you don’t have fast access to a restroom can be brought on by anxiety and stress.

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Why does the urge to urinate arise?

Both the urge to urinate and the worry that you might have to urinate when you don’t have fast access to a restroom can be brought on by anxiety and stress.

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