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Price Prediction Of Rebel Bots (RBLS) 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Rebel Bots?

Robot-based Rebel Bots is a science fiction metaverse game with single-player and multiplayer modes. The fictional scenario created by Rebel Bots takes place in Fremont, California, in the year 2052. The tale of the billions of robots built by humans and used to carry out daily tasks. The creator of Rebel Bots wants to create the best gameplay ever, allowing non-NFT players to participate as well. Under gameplay, players can engage in a variety of cooperative and competitive game styles.

The Rebel Bots universe is set in space, and the game calls for various players to band together to form a monarchy. Every game allows players to assemble armies of various bot types to compete with one another and complete missions. Project focuses on important elements that include entertaining to play, social gaming, excellent production quality, play to earn model that is simple to comprehend, and skill-based games.

Investors responded quite well to the Rebel Bots NFT sale, which sold out in a matter of minutes and attracted several guild participation. 10,000 NFT were sold in total, and many buyers were thinking about keeping them for a long time because there aren’t many posted on the market. Within a week of being listed on Opensea, Rebel Bots’ floor price increased from 0.20 to 0.49 ETH.

Rebel Bots Price Prediction

Month & YearRBLS Price Prediction
September 2022$40,868.545
October 2022$60,692.839
November 2022$67,707.589
December 2022$71,672.448
January 2023$77,162.253
February 2023$57,337.959
March 2023$67,707.589
April 2023$74,417.351
May 2023$88,141.862
June 2023$89,971.797
September 2023$98,206.504
December 2023$104,916.265
April 2024$101,561.384
July 2024$118,335.787
October 2024$108,271.145
January 2025$120,470.711
February 2025$264,120.597
March 2025$271,440.336
April 2025$298,889.359
May 2025$303,464.196
June 2025$311,088.925
July 2025$347,687.622
August 2025$402,585.667
September 2025$367,206.927
October 2025$359,887.187
November 2025$420,885.016
Decemeber 2025$433,084.581
January 2030$930,216.882
March 2030$988,164.819
May 2030$1,110,160.476
July 2030$1,021,713.625
September 2030$1,177,258.087
December 2030$1,219,956.567

Rebel Bots Overview

Project nameRebel Bots
Ticker SymbolRBLS
Total Supply300,000,000
Based onPlay to Earn
Launched year2022
Supported ChainPolygon
Exchange PlatformQuickswap, Sushiswap, Gate
WalletMetamask, WalletConnect

RBLS Price Analysis

There are many applications for the RBLS Token, including in-game transactions and use as the principal money. Based on the Polygon, sometimes known as the Matic network, RBLS is traded on decentralised exchanges. Every NFT holder is assured participation in the RBLS sale, which is being held on a different launchpad as the token’s price reaches 25 times its previous peak. Different rarity bots’ NFT floor prices increased by between 10x and 120x. In the current market environment, prices range from $1 to $1.5 USD, and RBLS may once more surpass the $2 USD level in the future land sale.


When Rebel Bots was first released, the play-to-earn gaming business was already in a bear market where few titles were still able to thrive. The Rebel Bots concept is incredibly intriguing; it creates many scenarios in which users are forced to spend tokens and take acts like fighting in a time of low oil, among other things. Rebel Bots’ success in the token and NFT sales can likely be attributed to its collaborations, graphic design, and partnership strategy. The top industry venture, Animoca Brands, Ubisoft, overwolf, Makers Fund, and Polygon Studio are partners with Rebel Bots.

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