Learn How To Activate Zonai Devices

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm’s most innovative connection experience transports players to the sky, where the Zonai Wing is one of the most important tools.

Players may float across the Hyrule cosmos with these enormous objects that resemble planes. When outfitted with Zonai devices, wings can function very similarly to a little stream.

The Most Effective Method To Direct Involve Wing Lightweight Flyer In Tears Of The Realm

Players should use one of the following starting techniques to use the Zonai Wing device in TOTK to glide across the skies of Hyrule:

  • Put your Zonai Wing on the shifting stage by locating a Wing Slope. Before the flyer leaves the stage and as it gains momentum, board it.
  • Use your paraglider to leap from a cliff while using the thing screen to deploy a Zonai wing. It should manifest itself plainly underneath you.
  • Straighten out your camera’s downward angle.
  • the Speedy Drop menu should be opened.
  • On the Zonai Wing, click “Drop”.
  • Create the wing, then advance quickly to fly directly over it.
  • Leave the Paraglider behind and begin skimming by letting it land on top of the Wing.
  • Hit the Wing device after connecting a Zon-ai fan to it.
  • You’ll gradually over the edge and enter the skies after this, starting the fan.
  • Change to Review after using Ultrahand to launch the Zonai Wing into the air, freeze it in place, and allow Connection enough time to board it.
  • You’ll only have 1 minute and 15 seconds to use the Zonai Wing once it is in the air before it disappears. When you notice a green light flickering, you know it is getting close to its cutoff points.

The light aircraft disappears after a brief period of shimmering green, with Connection rapidly descending as it takes off. In the case that you don’t plan, this might put you in a dangerous situation.

Fortunately, if you have already opened the paraglider, there won’t be any excessive danger. Players can also use a Zon-ai Lightweight flyer that is dropped into the water to stay above the surface and keep track of their stamina.

The Zonai Lightweight plane’s steering is the next challenge you’ll face once you’ve mastered getting it up in the air.

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The Most Effective Method To Direct Zonai Wing

You must remain at the device’s focus point to maintain the Zon-ai Wing level and move Connection about to move it in all directions in order to control it in TOTK.

Continue forward and stay in the Zonai Wing’s centre.

Turn right and take a conservative stance.

Step off the Zonai Wing and dive straight down.

Connection is essentially used as an adjustable weight to steer the development.

The larger the slope and the quicker the wing lightweight flyer will revolve, the more you press towards one bearing. In any event, moving too close to the Wing’s edge might cause it to completely shift over and lose connection.

Use this information to properly explore the skies and make the most of the Wing device.

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Where To Track Down Wing Gadget

The Sky Islands’ concealed Zonai Gadget Containers and Zon-ai Wing slopes that are awaiting departure both contain Zonai Wings.

When you locate a distributor for gadgets, you will need to provide Zonai Charges and Develop materials to move a variety of Zon-ai gadgets.

You’ll need to try your luck and karma to obtain a Zon-ai Wing from these devices since they function similarly to gacha machines.


How do you use Zonai devices in Zelda?

Enter the overworld, pick five Zonai Charges or Construct materials, and then press ‘A’ to put them into the dispenser. It should be noted that inputting five Zon-ai Charges at once will result in the creation of significantly more Zonai Devices than doing so one at a time.

How do you use the DLC pack in Zelda?

Use the Nintendo Account used to buy the DLC to access the Nintendo eShop. To view your account information, click the image of your symbol in the top-right corner. Locate the DLC in the list by selecting Redownload from the menu on the left side of the screen. To start the download, select the orange symbol.

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