Tips for How to sell on Vinted

An app-based marketplace called Vinted allows you to purchase and sell both new and used goods. Continue reading for our best advice on optimising your earnings and warning signs.

With Vinted, you can sell anything from clothing and shoes to technology and toiletries. Before posting, it also enables you to view comparable things (and their selling prices) so you may set a competitive price for your own.

Even better, selling on Vinted is free (unlike selling on eBay), with purchasers paying a protection fee as a percentage of the item rather than sellers.

So now is the perfect moment to organise your home while earning money; it couldn’t be simpler.

How does Vinted work?

You may buy and sell a wide variety of things, including clothing, accessories, shoes, and cosmetics, on the free Vinted marketplace.

You may decide what you want to charge for your goods as a vendor. However, you may also get a price straight from the buyer.

If you agree to their pricing, all you have to do is wait for their payment. However, even if you accept their offer, the buyer is not required to buy the item. They still have the option to back out of the deal.

The buyer is responsible for the item’s delivery costs. After selecting the service they need and making a payment to Vinted, the seller will receive a pre-paid label.

Additionally, sellers have the option to charge a “custom postage” cost, in which case they would be in responsible of setting the amount, mailing the item, and producing the proof-of-postage receipt.

The buyer will be able to designate their item as received after they have received their items. You should now be able to transfer the proceeds from your sale to your bank account. Voila.

How does Vinted make money?

Vinted levies fees to the customer rather than the vendor, in contrast to other web-based and app-based marketplaces.

As a result, customers on Vin-ted must pay a “Buyer Protection Fee” and a percentage (between 3% and 8%) with each transaction, whereas sellers on Vinted are not charged any fees.

This indicates that you may sell it for nothing and retain all the money you make. Result.

Tips for selling on Vinted

Here’s what you need to know to make money on Vinted:

What can you sell on Vinted?

Vinted’s policy states you’re able to sell a whole range of things, including the following:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • AccessoriesCosmetics (new and unopened only)ToysPhone cases
  • Gadgets, headphones and smartwatches.

Really, you can sell everything in your house that isn’t being used to generate extra income.

The majority of the things allowed on Vin-ted can be used. However, as was already said, Vinted’s policy makes it clear that cosmetics must be completely unopened and brand new.

Is Vinted safe?

In general, Vinted is secure. However, bear in mind that it will be subject to the same dangers as any other internet market.

Make sure to appropriately describe your goods in the app if you’re a seller. In order to do this, you must photograph the item from every aspect and note any flaws.

By doing this, you should be protected in the event that your customer claims there are issues with the item when it arrives. In that case, Vinted’s customer support staff will step in and assess whether the item was accurately advertised.

You must submit a receipt as proof of postage if you chose the bespoke postage option (more on shipping below). This guarantees that you can track the item and that you have a tracking number for it. In the past, Vinted has usually compensated the buyer and released the cash to the seller when products are lost in the mail.

Vinted has the ability to identify those who are sending you improper messages and block their accounts. On the Vin-ted app, you may complain users, discussions, and even incorrectly posted things if they fail to see this.

How to list an item on Vinted

You must register in order to list something on Vinted. Go to the “Sell” button at the bottom of the screen when you’ve completed this.

Up to 20 images of your item may be shown, which is excellent for presenting all sides. To give you an opportunity to photograph your item in its best light, we advise taking these pictures before advertising it. Don’t forget to make your stuff appealing-looking!

Give your listing a title and a description after adding your photographs. A buyer will need to know the RRP, the item’s condition, and a description of any flaws (if any) while they are looking at the item, so make sure it has all of this information.

Adding the trademark and categorising your goods can assist shoppers locate your product.

Vinted will search listings with matching information after you’ve submitted all of this information. You may use this to check what similar goods are selling for when deciding on a price for your own.

We do advise setting your item’s price higher than you would like (or what Vinted recommends), since this will encourage consumers to make you an offer or bargain.

A product may sell more quickly if you can negotiate a lower price with a customer since they’ll feel like they received a fantastic deal. You will also benefit since you will have received the price you desired for the item.

Finally, you will be able to select your parcel size to establish the proper shipping fees before submitting your goods to Vinted. For more information on how Vinted’s postage system works, keep reading.

Sort through old items

We advise looking through your closet for outdated clothing if you’re eager to begin your Vinted selling journey.

We have a general guideline that says you don’t need something if you haven’t worn it in over a year and aren’t likely to wear it soon.

Try hanging all of your clothing on a rail with the wrong side up as a test. When you place an article of clothing back on the hanger after wearing it, face the hanger in the proper direction. You’ll eventually be able to distinguish between what you wear frequently and what you don’t.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to search through your bedroom’s other belongings and childhood toys to see if there are any items you may sell. Think about any outdated technology or accessories you may have hanging around.

We’ve all purchased fancy dress for a university event, but if you won’t use them again and they’re in good shape, think about selling them.

Is Wardrobe Spotlight worth it?

Additionally, Vinted’s app has a premium option that allows you to advertise all of your listed things to other users. The Vinted Bumping option, in contrast, allows you to boost certain products for a little fee (often a couple of pounds or less).

The pricing of Wardrobe Spotlight on Vinted is £6.95 for a continuous seven-day period.

Your listed products will be promoted in a special section and show up in other users’ catalogue search results once applied to your account. Though you won’t be able to pick which things appear in Wardrobe Spotlight, you must always have at least five items for sale.

Vinted users will be able to see five things from your wardrobe in their newsfeed while Wardrobe Spotlight is on, with at least two of those items matching their preferences and catalogue filters. As a result, you may be able to attract the ideal customers for the products you’re offering and amass a respectable following for potential future sales.

In exchange for a price, Vinted will also give you metrics on the number of individuals that saw and engaged with your things.

However, unless you’re selling a lot of stuff, Vinted’s Wardrobe Spotlight might not be worthwhile. It could be less expensive to promote specific goods or even relist them so they appear closer to the top of the search results page.

How does postage work on Vinted?

You won’t lose money on postage because the buyer will cover it.

If you choose the direct postal option through Vinted, the buyer can choose and pay for a label from UPS, Evri, Royal Mail, Yodel, or InPost. All you have to do is look for a drop-off location close by.

If none of those drop-off locations are close by, you may prevent your purchasers from using them by visiting your profile, going to the preferences section, and then selecting “postage.”

If you don’t have a printer, you can print labels at some of the parcel store drop-off locations; however, make sure your local can do this for you first. The QR code must be shown at the counter if so.

If you wish to deliver things by Royal Mail, we advise selecting the ‘custom shipping’ option. The customer will be responsible for paying the delivery costs when they purchase your item, which you can specify in your ad.

You must then print the label and save the receipt in order to provide the customer proof of postage.

Can you return items on Vinted?

You can return things on Vinted under a few specific circumstances.

The buyer will have two days to report an issue if they don’t think the item is as advertised or doesn’t match the photographs.

Then Vinted will launch an investigation and look at the problem. They’ll start by examining the proof offered by the buyer and comparing it to the seller’s item listing to seek for inconsistencies between the images.

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The buyer should also include pictures of the outside package damage if the item was damaged during delivery, and Vinted will help with the problem.

What happens if the buyer decides they don’t like the item or that it doesn’t suit them? The choice is the seller’s in this case, and there is no requirement to accept it back.

The buyer may always re-list the item on Vinted and try to sell it to someone else if the seller decides not to accept a refund.


How much does it cost to sell through Vinted?

Vinted doesn’t charge anything to submit your goods or sell them. This implies that as soon as your transaction is completed successfully, the whole selling amount will be sent directly to your Vinted Balance.

How many items can I sell on Vinted?

A maximum of 5 items may be listed in a bundle listing.

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