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Price Prediction Of Xcad Network 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is Xcad Network?

Users will now be rewarded for watching material thanks to a revolutionary trend created by Xcad Network. The project’s main goal is to use creator tokenization of YouTubers to empower and increase the value of content creators. By enabling them to build a tokenized economy and marketplace where they can utilise one token for numerous actions, Xcad advances creator monetization.

More than 60k YouTubers are learning about the YouTube algorithm and other crucial information on the Xcad Network’s education platform, which is available to all users. The YouTube Algorithm, the lack of subscriber awards, and full-timer monetization are some of the serious issues that the project has mentioned.

Presently, XCad offers a Chrome plugin that enables users to watch tokenized creator material on YouTube directly. As of this writing, Mr. Beast, KSI, Ali-A, W2S, Nik Omilana, and Lance Stewart are just a few of the major content creators who support the platform. As a result, the creator may easily meet genuine fans while also seeing an increase in interaction, watchtime, and earnings. Additionally, users have access to creators’ NFTs, which provide fans the ability to buy NFTs directly from creators and allow creators to profit directly from NFT sales.

XCAD Price Prediction

Month & YearXCAD Network Price Prediction
September 2022$2,793,075.5
October 2022$4,147,925.5
November 2022$4,627,334.0
December 2022$4,898,304.0
January 2023$5,273,493.2
February 2023$3,918,643.2
March 2023$4,627,334.0
April 2023$5,085,898.6
May 2023$6,023,871.7
June 2023$6,148,934.8
September 2023$6,711,718.6
December 2023$7,170,283.3
April 2024$6,941,001.0
July 2024$8,087,412.5
October 2024$7,399,565.6
January 2025$8,233,319.4
February 2025$18,050,771.2
March 2025$18,551,023.6
April 2025$20,426,969.8
May 2025$20,739,627.5
June 2025$21,260,723.6
July 2025$23,761,985.2
August 2025$27,513,877.6
September 2025$25,095,991.4
October 2025$24,595,739.1
November 2025$28,764,508.4
Decemeber 2025$29,598,262.3
January 2030$63,573,732.4
March 2030$67,534,063.3
May 2030$75,871,602.0
July 2030$69,826,886.5
September 2030$80,457,248.3
December 2030$83,375,386.8

XCAD Network Overview

Project nameXCAD Network
Ticker SymbolXCAD
Total Supply199,105,531
Based onContent Creator Monetization
Launched year2021
Supported NetworkZilliqa
Exchange PlatformHuobi Global, Kucoin, Gate, Uniswap

XCAD Price Analysis

The price of XCAD dropped from $2.01 USD to an all-time low of $0.49 USD after it was launched in May 2021. However, those who were able to buy the dip are still 10x up, and early this year, it was selling at $9 USD, which implies that it had almost doubled from the trough. Given the high utility of the XCAD coin and the industry focus on it, this project is still going strong despite the downturn market.

When compared to other altcoins, XCAD is only 2x lower than its all-time high. Other altcoins are approximately 10x lower. Owners of XCAD haven’t sold their investments in a panic since most of them believe XCAD is valuable enough to hold for a while. XCAD has increased by 15% over the past day, whereas the majority of altcoins have lost 30% of their value since yesterday.


With a philosophy that entirely supports creators and fans, XCAD has amassed a sizable user base in less than a year since its introduction. Project focused on NFTs and novel blockchain applications may be an advantage because development is continuous and their plan appears solid on paper. Therefore, regular updates and a community that doesn’t paper-handle its investment are generating a strong economy. The market worth of XCAD recently surpassed $100 million, and its daily volume is also increasing.

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