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Price Prediction Of Lovely Inu 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is Lovely Inu?

Lovely Inu is a Meme coin that is based on the Binance Smart Chain and aims to continue the Rise of Meme Token Resolution. Launched in 2021, Lovely Inu shares the underlying decentralised, digital value store goals of Dogecoin and Shiba Inus. After being on the top gainer list throughout the bad market, the token has already entered the top trending list.

With the implementation of the BSC network, the Lovely Inu Project allegedly promoted lower gas prices and higher block speeds. The project stated in its whitepaper that it had examined many meme coins and had drawn lessons from them.

Lovely Inu has experienced very steady growth in terms of development; since its start, they have introduced the Decentralized Exchange and the Initial Liquidity Offering Launchpad Platform. The project seeks to boost the utility of the native token while offering a wide range of crypto services. Lovely also uses the most popular memecoin business model, in which they charge transaction fees in the form of slippage. These transaction fees were eventually added to the liquidity pool and are considered to be revenue for the Lovely Project.

Lovely Inu Price Prediction

Month & YearLovely Inu Price Prediction
September 2022$2,222,045.44497104
October 2022$3,299,903.31006893
November 2022$3,681,299.17002664
December 2022$3,896,870.74304622
January 2023$4,195,354.45953487
February 2023$3,117,496.59443698
March 2023$3,681,299.17002664
April 2023$4,046,112.60129054
May 2023$4,792,321.89251216
June 2023$4,891,816.46467504
September 2023$5,339,542.03940801
December 2023$5,704,355.47067190
April 2024$5,521,948.75503996
July 2024$6,433,982.33319972
October 2024$5,886,762.18630386
January 2025$6,550,059.33405641
February 2025$14,360,383.24884270
March 2025$14,758,361.53749420
April 2025$16,250,780.11993750
May 2025$16,499,516.55034460
June 2025$16,914,077.26769000
July 2025$18,903,968.71094760
August 2025$21,888,805.87583410
September 2025$19,965,244.14735170
October 2025$19,567,265.85870020
November 2025$22,883,751.59746290
Decemeber 2025$23,547,048.74521550
January 2030$50,576,407.51613180
March 2030$53,727,068.96795640
May 2030$60,360,040.44548190
July 2030$55,551,136.12427590
September 2030$64,008,174.75812090
December 2030$66,329,714.77525480

Lovely Inu Overview

Project nameLovely Inu
Ticker SymbolLOVELY
Total Supply75,000,000,000,000
Based onMeme
Launched year2021
Exchange PlatformHuobi, Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Gate, LBank, MEXC, Bitmart, OpenOcean
WalletMetamask, TrustWallet

Lovely Token Price Analysis

LOVELY employs the BEP-20 Token standard, which was developed on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, to achieve fast and affordable transaction speeds. According to CMC and Coingecko, the Lovely Token smart contract successfully passed the CertiK security audit. Lovely has a lot of followers because its price has increased by 3.5 times in the last three months. Lovely Token has already outperformed in this weak market, and with listings on tier 1 exchanges like Huobi and Gate, Token continues to attract investor interest. According to the data, Token achieved $7.1 million in market volume over the past 24 hours. Lovely is currently very close to reaching $50 million fully diluted market cap.

In the future, tokens will be accessible on a variety of blockchain networks, including Solana, Ethereum, and Matic, thanks to Lovely’s implementation of cross-chain availability. According to the Roadmap, Lovely plans to have 80k on-chain users overall and is anticipated to float on Binance Exchange.


To be very honest, the market is gradually moving from a severe fear index to an ordinary fear index, which means that anything might happen. Lovely Token has a sizable community supported throughout many social media platforms. Lovely continues to advertise the token on various platforms and has a large following on Twitter (more than 250k users). Project just announced a liquidity competition and listed a token on the Gate startup platform. We are aware of Lovely’s impressive performance in the bear market, and we can see that in the bull market, this token is anticipated to be featured in the top gainer list.

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