Want to learn Linux For Free? Here’s a list of websites that can help you learn Linux for free

What is Linux?

The Linux kernel, first released by Linus Torvalds on September 17, 1991, is the foundation of Linux, an open-source operating system that is comparable to Unix. A distribution is the most common way to package Linux.

Linux has been ported to more platforms than any other operating system since it was first created for personal computers using Intel x86 architecture. [22] As of May 2022, Linux, including Android, had the greatest installed base of any general-purpose operating system due to the domination of Linux-based operating systems on smartphones. Even while just 2.3 percent of desktop computers used Linux as of May 2022[26], the Chromebook, which runs Chrome OS on a Linux kernel, dominates the US K–12 education market and accounts for about 20 percent of all laptop sales in the nation that cost less than $300.

Here’s a list of websites that can help you learn Linux for free

When you wish to learn Linux, you can access a list of a few free websites that Het Mehta published on Twitter.

  • Eduonix Learn Linux From Scratch
  • Linux Journey
  • Linux Handbook
  • Tecmint
  • Linux Hint
  • Linuxize
  • LinuxOPsys
  • OverTheWire
  • The Debian Administrator’s Handbook
  • LabEx Linux For Noobs\
  • nixCraft
  • Conquering the Command Line
  • FOSS Linux
  • It’s FOSS
  • Linux Survival
  • Ryan’s Tutorials
  • TLDP Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
  • Guru99 Linux Tutorial Summary
  • Why shall you learn Linux?

You might have heard that Linux is more suited to developers or has better hacking tools. The main reasons to learn Linux, in my opinion, are three.

The bulk of computer servers run Linux, which has long ruled the server industry. You must write code that is compatible with Linux, deploy code that is compatible with Linux, and maybe operate a Linux server, especially if your primary concentration is Web development.

Review low-level programming and system programming APIs. Because of the IoT movement, more software is using low-level programming, which calls for normal C/C++ code. In-depth knowledge of Linux is frequently needed for this kind of work.

Learn about the ideas and inner workings of systems. The open-source Linux project has thousands of developers participating all over the world. The numerous excellent books and resources that are available can teach you a lot about Linux internals. This will help you as you learn more about the operating system.

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