5 Best Video Game Easter Eggs, All Information About Them

Easter Eggs can best be described in one word: fun. Finding them is enjoyable for gamers, and developers frequently include them for fun. Since there were no credits for games back then, the earliest Easter Eggs were developers leaving their names in the game.

Even after all these years, it’s still occasionally used for that, though more frequently for computer software than video games. A top-notch Easter Egg can have far-reaching effects, be helpful to you, make a clever dig at another game, or immortalise specific figures in the annals of video game history.

Best Video Game Easter Eggs

Adventure: Warren Robinett

It’s still widely believed that Adventure contained the first Easter Egg ever. Several other games have been found to have Easter eggs before Adventure, but it’s understandable how this rumour spread. On levels two or three, you must find an invisible dot in a hidden map that calls for the bridge.

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Go to the right of the golden castle with the invisible dot. Once you have it, drop it there, and make sure at least two other things are visible on the screen. The developer credit can then be seen by going through the right wall after that. Contrary to most of the other early Easter Eggs, which frequently required a push-button combination to activate the credit, getting this one is an enjoyable process.

Batman Arkham Asylum: Arkham City Teaser

If you lack confidence in the project’s success, it’s advisable to have your first foray into the entertainment industry conclude on a conclusive note. You didn’t anticipate Batman: Arkham Asylum, which debuted in 2009, to have such an impact on the superhero video game genre. But the game was fantastic, and over a year after it was out, a previously undisclosed Easter Egg was revealed.

The warden’s office has a secret room that isn’t visible to your detective vision that may be found by placing three explosive gels on a particular wall. The room features several references to Arkham City and even game concept art. Rocksteady’s decision to include a covert sequel tease demonstrates their confidence in the project.

Resident Evil 2: Photo D

The original RE2 and its remake have the best Easter Egg in the Resident Evil series. Once you enter the S.T.A.R.S. office, you can inspect Wesker’s desk in the original RE2. There is a movie on his desk if you check it 50 times. It will be a picture of Rebecca Chambers wearing a basketball uniform once it has been created. Wesker’s hiding this is a humorous Easter egg, but the remake tops it.

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Inside Wesker’s desk is one of the places where things are hidden. Even though another object doesn’t have a button prompt to pick it up, a weapon part is found there. The movie Rising Rookie is yours. You’ll see Rebecca in her basketball gear once it’s developed. It’s so well-known that many fans have never even heard of it.

Hitman Blood Money: Allan, Please Add Details

Nothing is funnier than when the coders make an obvious mistake. On the map of hell in Hitman: Blood Money’s A Dance with the Devil task, there is a kitchen area. A lobster crate is available here, and when you examine it in the item wheel, it says, “Allan, please add details.”

It’s funny how politely this guy asks him to do something, but he doesn’t because of how well-known this Easter Egg is. It has been mentioned in numerous other works of Hitman media, including every main game made after Blood Money.

Halo Reach: Tribute Room

Although there have been many excellent Easter Eggs in the Halo universe, this one in Halo Reach tops them all. You require at least two players and legendary difficulty for the Package mission. A door towards the beginning of the level opens after pressing a switch slightly outside the boundaries. Following that, you are teleported to a hallway leading to the tribute room.

It refers to well-known or significant elements of the Halo community, such as Red vs Blue and the Jump video. Since Halo Reach was Bungie’s final Halo game, the egg almost feels like a farewell gesture before Bungie embarks on its course.

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