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Price Prediction Of Mdex (MDX) 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Mdex?

Mdex is a decentralised exchange (DEX) automated market maker (MMM) that operates on the novel notion of purchase and burn. Mdex is built on the idea of a money pool and supports the idea of dual mining, which combines liquidity and trade mining. Heco chain was initially developed by Mdex to launch token swap, a liquidity pool, staking, and other activities.

After adopting Ethereum and the Binance smart chain network to enhance TVL, Mdex became a multi-chain DEX. Platform started its development with the intention of using the Ethereum blockchain to prosper and the Heco chain to lower transaction fees. The selection and configuration of assets will be more secure, dependable, and quick thanks to multi-chain connectivity. In a decentralised token exchange service, anyone can generate assets on many networks and get the highest ROI.

It is one of the simplest and most effective methods to increase exchange liquidity quickly. Liquidity and transaction mining. By supporting trading activities and preserving DEX liquidity, this mining will function similarly to a layer of leverage.

Mdex Price Prediction

Month & YearMDX Price Prediction
September 2022$0.09
October 2022$0.14
November 2022$0.16
December 2022$0.16
January 2023$0.18
February 2023$0.13
March 2023$0.16
April 2023$0.17
May 2023$0.20
June 2023$0.21
September 2023$0.23
December 2023$0.24
April 2024$0.23
July 2024$0.27
October 2024$0.25
January 2025$0.28
February 2025$0.61
March 2025$0.62
April 2025$0.69
May 2025$0.70
June 2025$0.72
July 2025$0.80
August 2025$0.93
September 2025$0.85
October 2025$0.83
November 2025$0.97
Decemeber 2025$1.00
January 2030$2.14
March 2030$2.27
May 2030$2.55
July 2030$2.35
September 2030$2.71
December 2030$2.81

Mdex Overview

Project nameMDEX
Ticker SymbolMDX
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onDEX
Launched year2020
ChainsHeco, BSC, Ethereum
Exchange PlatformMdex, Huobi, Binance, Gate, hoo, MXc, OpenOcean, Coinbene
WalletMetamask, Huobi Walllet
PartnerDefiBox, DeBank, Token Pocket, KingData, Hyper Pay, Polynetwork, Bitpie, Coinwind, Safepal.

MDX Price Analysis

The MDX, also known as MDEX, token is an essential exchange medium that may be used in a variety of ways on the platform. MDX is useful in real world applications and also represents ownership rights. Being a community-driven initiative, token holders will have a significant say in deciding how things will grow in the future. The largest centralised exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Gate, and others have now added the MDX token to their lists of trading assets.

After Binance MDX’s listing was announced, its prices increased by 50%, and it is currently maintaining a modest increase in market cap volume. Mdex is a well-known decentralised exchange that crosses the $1.5 billion market in total locked value.


Mdex is a new innovation in decentralised exchange that will broaden the use of decentralised finance. As of right moment, we are aware that the majority of new projects aim to maintain low transaction costs while increasing transaction speed and scalability. Many exchanges and Defi projects have embraced the Heco and BSC chains, as most projects consider using multiple chains to provide investors more options. Mdex increased the number of chains in their exchange from one to several, and they plan to add additional chains in the future. By market cap volume, the project surpasses sushiswap and other well-known DEXs to enter the top 100 projects.

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