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Price Prediction Of TronPad Coin 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is TronPad Coin?

TronPad Coin is an IDO launchpad for the Tron network, comparable to BSCPAD for the Binance Smart Chain network. TronPad Coin will assist the project team and developers in raising money for or gaining liquidity for their cryptocurrency project. We currently have launchpads for practically all networks after it was founded as Polkastarter, an IDO launchpad based on Polkadot.

The only launchpad Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, fully trusts and is fully supported by is TronPad Coin. As Justin Sun feels that BSCPAD has a highly experienced team and that by forging a strategic alliance, they would achieve new heights, the developer of BSCPAD and Tron worked together to build this project. TronPad is the first ever native project built on one of the largest blockchain networks, according to Godzilla’s co-founder, who also offered comments on the project.

The goal of TronPad is to deliver transparent and equitable whitelisting in order to end the current conflict between launchpads from various networks. Incentives and involvement are needed to support a forthcoming project and grow the ecosystem’s membership and token holders. TronPad Coin will operate under two rounds of regulations, with first-come, first-served allocation for both token holders and non-holders. The Earth and Moon tiers in the tier system will be eligible for a lottery, but the Mars tier will receive guaranteed allocations for each project launched.

TronPad Coin Overview

Project nameTronPad
Ticker SymbolTRONPAD
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onTron IDO Launchpad
Launched year2021
Supported ChainTron Network
Exchange PlatformPancakeSwap

TronPad Coin IDO Overview

Platform usedBSCPAD
Raised by$119250 USD
Date of ICO4th June 2021
ICO Price$0.0015 USD
PartnersBluezilla, Silk Legal

TronPad Coin Price Prediction

The official native token of the TronPad ecosystem, the TRONPAD token, is currently operational and listed on the BSC top DEX Pancakeswap under the BEP-20 Token standard. Holders of TRONPAD tokens will be able to earn tickets for being whitelisted for new projects on the platform. In the tier system, a user must hold 15k tokens minimum in order to get 1 ticket. Most IDO Launchpads have a smaller amount of coins in circulation, but TronPad Coin has a bigger supply of coins than the others, which is why its IDO price was the lowest. Since the token was first published at a price of $0.0018 USD and has since increased by 199x, it is currently trading at an all-time high of $0.34.

People who bought at the opening listing price made an 187x return on investment as the bull run continued and the last 24 hours’ volume exceeded $50 million. Project has already surpassed the top Launchpad project by market cap volume and into the top 300 project list.


Blockchain network powered by Tron that promises extremely quick transaction approval and completion times and minimal transaction costs. Recently, the DeFi ecosystem has evolved, and every day, dozens of new projects with improved performance are released. So, the approval of TronPad Coin by the network’s founder could be a game-changer. We are aware that BSCPAD is the largest BSC project launchpad at the moment, and the fact that the same team is working on TronPad suggests that it will receive a comparable response to BSCPAD. Launchpads are included in the NFT list for the year 2021. The majority of developers and project owners would, however, prioritise TronPad because it was the first Tron launchpad ever.

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