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Wootrade (Woo) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Wootrade?

Wootrade is a trading platform that was established in 2019 with the goal of innovating cryptocurrency trading and investing. Wootrade is heavily marketed as the Blackpool trading exchange with the most significant and upgraded features. Platform offers significantly more liquidity and has a tighter spread than the leading rival exchanges. The Kronos management began a project in 2019 with the primary objective of providing zero transaction and even obtaining negative transaction for every deal.

Wootrade is making every attempt to rebuild or reinvent the marketplace for crypto trading so that it is effective and high-performing. Although everyday transactions are increasing and trading has undergone a full transformation, issues including limited liquidity, exorbitant fees, and market manipulation remain unresolved. With the aid of newly established incentive mechanics, Woo will resolve all trading issues affecting institutional, individual, and retail trades.

Wootrade is also known as Darkpool or an alternative trading system because it functions similarly to conventional exchanges but allows users to communicate discreetly. However, any exchange that will aid in pricing and liquidity needs a dark pool at one. Wootrade claims to be the only platform as of right now that offers zero trading costs and significant liquidity for both sports and futures trading. WooTrade will use its own customised and user-friendly interface.

Wootrade Price Prediction

Month & YearWOO Price Prediction
September 2022$0.22
October 2022$0.33
November 2022$0.37
December 2022$0.39
January 2023$0.42
February 2023$0.31
March 2023$0.37
April 2023$0.40
May 2023$0.48
June 2023$0.49
September 2023$0.53
December 2023$0.57
April 2024$0.55
July 2024$0.64
October 2024$0.59
January 2025$0.65
February 2025$1.44
March 2025$1.48
April 2025$1.62
May 2025$1.65
June 2025$1.69
July 2025$1.89
August 2025$2.19
September 2025$2.00
October 2025$1.96
November 2025$2.29
Decemeber 2025$2.35
January 2030$5.06
March 2030$5.37
May 2030$6.03
July 2030$5.55
September 2030$6.40
December 2030$6.63

Wootrade Overview

Project nameWootrade
Ticker SymbolWOO
Total Supply3,000,000,000
Based onExchange
Launched year2019
Supported ChainAll
Exchange PlatformHuobi Global, Gate, Uniswap, Bancor Network, MDEX, AscendEX, CoinEx, Bitmart, Dodo, Sushiswap

Woo IEO Overview

Platform usedGate, MXC, Bitmart, Hoo
Raised by$10 million USD
Date of ICO29th October 2020
ICO Price$0.03 USD
PartnersFenbushi Capital, Genesis Block, IOSG Venture, Three Arrows Capital, AKG Venture, SNZ, Hashkey.

Woo Token Price Prediction

The primary and utility token of the Wootrade Exchange is the Woo Token. Woo will be given out as a reward to liquidity providers who help to lower prices and widen spreads. A benefit of the rewards system is that it will keep the best execution price available globally while allowing zero fee trading. Woo Token was first made available through an initial exchange offering on prestigious trading platforms including Gate, MXC, and others. As of writing, Woo Coin has increased by over 15 times in less than a year from its IEO price of $0.03 Recent significant increases in Woo market volume have helped projects rise to the top of the cryptocurrency platform.


Kronos Research, who also provided liquidity at the time of debut, launched WooTrade developer in 2019. When Kronos was being developed, it was producing over $45 billion in monthly trade activity. Following its debut exchange in 2020, WooTrade began offering its services with several exchange methods. With a daily volume of $150+ million, Wootrade is currently among the top 200 cryptocurrency projects by market cap volume. As of this writing, wootrade is conducting over 100k transactions every day, and that number is increasing as more users sign up for the platform. Due to their extensive exchange-related knowledge, Wootrade’s parent firm also offers liquidity on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, OKEx, and Huobi.

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