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Price Prediction Of Livepeer (LPT) 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Livepeer?

Liverpeer is a completely open, decentralised video streaming network built on the Ethereum network. Livepeer claims to have created the first open video infrastructure in the world, allowing developers, streamers, creators, and others to share their work. On the Web 3 stack, its protocol will be the live media layer server under decentralised development. Since the protocol will emphasise decentralisation, scalability, awards for crypto tokens, and more.

Thousands of centralised broadcasters now provide streaming services, but they are unable to handle large audiences. Because the platforms on the market are still more expensive, some people cannot afford to use their services. Thus, Livepeer will also be aiming to offer an economically viable alternative to the current broadcaster. The project’s attempt at increased resilience while keeping the absence of a single point of failure.

Livepeer infrastructure will have a censorship-free perspective and be available for growth, giving broadcasters more freedom. Liverpeer is a peer-to-peer network built on a variety of features, including media servers, cryptoeconomic protocols, and peer-to-peer networks. Before the stream becomes live, the broadcaster will send a request for it to the middle layer liverpeer while processing the video. Livepeer handles format translation into a variety of formats throughout this procedure, as well as bitrate to broaden the audience.

Livepeer Price Prediction

Month & YearLPT Price Prediction
March 2023$7.9312
April 2023$11.7785
May 2023$13.1398
June 2023$13.9093
July 2023$14.9747
August 2023$11.1274
September 2023$13.1398
October 2023$14.4420
November 2023$17.1054
December 2023$17.4606
January 2024$19.0587
March 2024$20.3608
April 2024$19.7097
July 2024$22.9651
October 2024$21.0119
January 2025$23.3794
February 2025$51.2571
March 2025$52.6776
April 2025$58.0046
May 2025$58.8924
June 2025$60.3721
July 2025$67.4747
August 2025$78.1286
September 2025$71.2628
October 2025$69.8423
November 2025$81.6799
Decemeber 2025$84.0475
January 2030$180.5245
March 2030$191.7703
May 2030$215.4457
July 2030$198.2810
September 2030$228.4671
December 2030$236.7535

Livepeer Overview

Project nameLivepeer
Ticker SymbolLPT
Total Supply22,906,951
Based onLive video streaming
Launched year2017
All-time high$44.13 USD
Exchange PlatformBithumb, Poloniex,, sushiswap, 0x Protocol, Hotcoin, CoinEx, Bilaxy, BiKi, ZBG, MXC
WalletOwn Wallet

LPT ICO Overview

Platform usedERC20
Raised byNA
Date of ICO27th July 2018
ICO Price$2.25 USD

Livepeer token Price Analysis

The Liverpeer Token is a protocol token that has nothing to do with platform transactions. Platform will however continue to use the common token ETH to carry out various functions on the platform. LPT was issued for $2.25 USD during the 2018 ICO sale. Unexpectedly, LPT failed to live up to expectations after listing, with a value loss of one point to $1 USD. LPT almost reached its two-year debut milestone in 2021. At this point, its price has virtually increased by 40 times and it has entered the top 100 projects. As of this writing, LPT is extremely near to reaching the $50 USD threshold, and its listing on BitHub and OKEx broadens its investment base.


One of the most popular platforms and technologies right now is live video streaming. It just grants users the ability to express themselves without any user limitations or restrictions. Because centralised Live Streaming still lacked many capabilities and was subject to censorship, decentralised improvements were required. Theta Network is now Livepeer’s greatest rival, however this platform is more focused on live streaming and offers more features for that particular niche. Livepeer undoubtedly attracts the attention of creators, publishers, and additional broadcasters.


Is Livepeer a best Live video Streaming Blockchain Project?

Livepeer has a fantastic staff, and they have been working since 2017, far before the initial wave of cryptocurrency, as they develop the technology to meet demands as they arise.

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