Top 8 Video Games That Could Be Great Series

Video games include incredible stories, characters, and aesthetics like any other media type. Video games, in particular, fully immerse the viewer or player, giving them control and urgency in the made-up world they have selected. Popular games like Halo and Resident Evil have lately had television adaptations, and Twisted Metal and the Last of Us will soon be available on mobile devices.

The ability to adapt these video games for cinema and television is made possible by developments in filmmaking and visual effects. Several fantastic games deserve their series, and fans would love to see their favorite games turned into T.V. shows.

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Life Is Strange Could Be A Teenage Drama

Don’t Nod Entertainment created the episodic game “Life Is Strange,” released in 2015. The protagonist, Max Caufield, returns to her former school with bizarre dreams of a storm destroying her community. She later learns the ability to turn back time, allowing the player numerous opportunities to spare her community from approaching disaster.

The popular video games strongly emphasizes narrative and could easily be adapted into a teen drama about teen conflict with dark themes and sci-fi aspects. Additionally, the butterfly effect and the passage of time would be advantageous to the series.

Infamous Second Son Cab Be An Amazing Superhero Show

Open-world video game Infamous Second Son centres around Delsin Rowe, a character with the capacity to generate and control different types of energy. Delsin travels to Seattle to defend his Akomish reservation from the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.), a group established to track down people with superhuman abilities.

Following the events of Infamous 2, the D.U.P. is after a small group of people with special abilities, and Delsin learns of his own unique skills. Although Second Son has an open environment, the player can select between good and wrong paths, which might result in contradictory character decisions in a series.

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BioShock Can Be A Visually Amazing Sci-Fi Show

A first-person shooter, action-adventure game from 2007, BioShock centres on Jack, a plane crash survivor who finds himself in the dystopian underwater city of Rapture in the 1960s. Jack must battle mutated versions of the city’s populace for his life to get out of the town.

The game received recognition for its environment, character designs, and story. BioShock is one of the best video games ever created and one of the most visually striking. Both gaming enthusiasts and viewers seeking a distinct art deco aesthetic in their science fiction would be interested in a T.V. series based on the franchise.

God Of War Can Be A War Drama Centred On Greek Lore

The God of War series is rich in fantastic Greek mythology. Kratos was a warrior tasked with killing Ares. Kratos challenges the Greek pantheon as players advance through the game and learn a deeper relationship with Ares.

The new God of War game from 2018 develops Kratos’s character with the death of his wife, Faye, and the introduction of his son, Atreus. In contrast, the original God of War trilogy gave some epic scenes and fascinating adaptations of Greek mythology. The conflict in Kratos’s family and the ideas of identity and fate might be the show’s focus, similar to video games of Thrones.

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Detroit: Become Human Can Explore A.I. Sentience

A decision-based game called Detroit: Become Human tackles the idea of A.I. acquiring consciousness and how this can impact a civilization that is constantly developing in terms of technology. The human-serving androids, Markus, Kara, and Connor, navigate life after escaping the android programme, becoming sentient, and defending their rights from the general public.

Sentient A.I. adaptations are nothing new, and as technology develops, they are frequently imitated. Lovers of the video games and sci-fi fans may support and applaud a T.V. show that builds on the A.I. discourse and makes the androids the main characters.

Mortal Kombat Can Be a Stunning Acting Show

A group of deserving fighters from Earth participate in Mortal Kombat, a brutal competition that decides the world’s fate. Through numerous chapters, the player controls various characters while facing foes.

Although it wasn’t very successful, mortal Kombat has already been made into a film series. To further develop the game’s lore, a series that examines the lives of well-known, beloved characters like Raiden and Scorpion would benefit the game. Mortal Kombat has the makings of a T.V. show in the vein of Game of Thrones, complete with betrayals, romances, and loads of blood.

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Beyond: Two Souls can Be a Great Sci-Fi Mystery

A decision-based video games called Beyond: Two Souls centres on Jodie Holmes, a person who has a psychic connection to Aiden. Jodie’s actions and choices regarding Aiden’s influence and participation in her training are under the player’s hands.

Beyond: Two Souls would work well as a series where viewers could follow Jodie and Aiden’s romance because its plot is exceptionally episodic, like most T.V. shows. The idea of two entities existing in one body sounds novel, given the recent flurry of science fiction television projects. As in F.X.’s Legion series, the clashing personalities might offer drama and even trippy imagery.

Ghost Of Tsushima Can Be a Historical Adventurous Series

An action-adventure game called Ghost of Tsushima follows warrior Jin Sakai as he sets out to defend Tsushima Island. Jin Sakai emerges from the ashes and picks up the fighting techniques of the ghost to win the battle and save Japan during the Mongolian invasion of Japan in the 1200s.

Along with the historical and mythical features the video games offers, a Ghost of Tsushima series would give spectators a cultural experience rich in representation. The fighting scenes and special effects that initially won this game the Best Art Direction award at the 2020 Game of the Year Awards were also available for viewers to ogle.

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