Gameplay And Space Leaper Cocoon Beginner’s Guide

A yet-to-be-released role-playing game called Space Leaper Cocoon Beginner’s Guide features a tonne of gorgeous, extremely hot 2D characters, adorable voices, goosebumps-inducing soundtrack tracks, and many other awesome features.

The graphical interface is one of the things that makes this place special, and because of that, it might be a little challenging for newcomers to understand. Therefore, we have created the greatest Space Leaper Cocoon beginner’s guide to ensure that players play successfully in this game and that you all have the best gameplay experience without getting stuck on any stage for an extended period of time.

In this game, the user interacts with a virtual world connected to a different future reality. Isn’t it incredible? This Space Leaper Cocoon beginner’s guide will give you a solid understanding of each new feature in the game because there are so many of them. Download the game with LDPlayer, though, for improved playability.

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Space Leaper Cocoon Beginner’s Guide for the Combat System

The combat comes first in the Space Leaper Cocoon beginner’s tutorial. The top-right and left corners of the screen, respectively, display the health of the player team and the opponent team, as battle begins in the Space Leaper Cocoon. The players should set the opponent team’s health to zero if they want to win this game.

Each combat has a certain amount of time, and the players’ goal is to end it by eliminating all of the opponents within that time. What happens if the players are unable to defeat the foes in that time? The players’ teams will lose outright as a result.

The Yellow Energy Bar is the next significant item that will be shown during combat. When your team’s leapers are engaged in an attack, the energy bar will always be visible. As soon as the energy bar is full, leapers will unleash an energy talent and receive one energy crystal for each energy skill they used. Players can unleash an uber talent with these crystals if they have amassed a sufficient number of energy crystals.

The fact that the game’s designers set up an auto-battle system that can be customised for each leaper is one of the combat’s most interesting features.

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Space Leaper Cocoon Beginner’s Guide for Rewards

The gamers’ favourite feature is the reward system, and getting more awards makes players feel more motivated to play. Players will gain XP (Experience points) and coins after each combat in this game, which they can use to upgrade various aspects of the game.

The two primary categories of proxy tasks are daily and main story. Players can obtain many vital resources that will aid in advancing through the game easily by completing proxy tasks like upgrading leaper grade, improving character equip, raising leaper levels, and performing leaper search.

After a specific period of time, these proxy duties will renew. Therefore, be sure to do all the tasks in order to receive all the awards before the allotted time has passed.

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Space Leaper Cocoon Beginner’s Guide for Leaper System

In this game, after winning two or more bouts, you will be prompted to choose a name. This name can be anything you choose. The AI character J-001 will debut the leaper mechanism after modifying the title.

The first notable feature you’ll see in the leaper system is Particle Pill, one of the game’s many distinctive features. Players can turn on the Gene Collider with the Particle Pill, making it simple to look for other leapers.

There are two possibilities: ten times or only once. In addition, there are numerous types of banners to summon different leapers, including Full Area Scan, Authorized Scan, and Directional Scan. If players click on the charge button ten times, they will collect ten leapers at once.

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The Authorized Scan ensures that players will provide a two-star or better leaper for every ten out of every hundred summons, while the Full Area Scan is the commonly used banner to obtain 2-star leapers for every ten summons. However, the Directional Scan has the best chance of calling the top leapers listed in the banner.

All of the leapers that the players will encounter in the game have distinct statistics and stars that determine their level and special abilities.

In the game, the leapers can be classified as Hunters, Assassins, Supporters, Warriors, Mage, Fighters, or Tanks. Additionally, they have a six-element elemental system: wind, flame, order, stone, chaos, and liquid.

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Space Leaper Cocoon Beginner’s Guide for Upgrading Leapers

The easiest approach to win battles within the allotted time is to upgrade the leapers, and you can do this by utilising idle currency in the game to raise each leaper’s level. The grades, health, energy talents, and attack and defence capabilities of the leapers can all be enhanced by the players.

Players do not have to worry about which gear to choose for which character because there is an automatic equipment system for the gears.

Each leaper has a special piece of equipment, and upgrading this equipment increases the leapers’ stats and the game’s visual appeal by giving them live 2D imagery. Therefore, upgrading each leaper’s unique equipment will be equivalent to upgrading the leaper.

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Space Leaper Cocoon Beginner’s Guide for Cloud System

The players can use the Cloud System to trigger Resonance, which will assist them to fully utilise their available leapers. When a character’s level is increased, the game’s cloud system sends transmitter data based on the leaper’s stage. Using this transmitter data, players can activate and improve the Resonance.

Players can verify the progress of a resonance by using the resonance tree in the Cloud System to view the resonances that are available to activate.

If you have sufficient transmitter data to turn on a resonance, move quickly to do so. Resonances have a significant impact on combat, and strengthening and turning on resonances will offer players an advantage.

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Space Leaper Cocoon Beginner’s Guide for Formations and Resonances

Through the Preset Formation option in Leaper Files, the game enables players to design various fighting formations utilising various leapers. But the type of resonance you activated should determine the battle formation.

Consider a scenario in which the player triggered an Order-type resonance. In that instance, Order type leapers should be used to create the battle formations, and a specified number of leapers is required to initiate a given kind of resonance.

The leapers in that formation will change appearance when the resonance is activated, and players can activate up to four resonances for a single formation. Players only need to tap on the resonance to check its effects.

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Having a Better Experience With LDPlayer

Since this game has unique in-game material, playing it with the top Android emulator LDPlayer will let you have more fun and win battles more easily.

Players can take their fighting to the next level in LDPlayer by using the Keyboard Macro tool to do all the repetitious movements with a single button. The simplest technique to fight successfully and simply is in this manner.

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The Keyboard Mapping function in LDPlayer enables players to use the most comfortable keys to conduct a number of actions in the PVE battle styles that guarantee victory there.


With the help of the Space Leaper Cocoon beginner’s guide we have developed, gamers will be able to fully enjoy the game once it has been published. Are you willing to get the best leapers the game has to offer and then max them out? Prepare yourself to play this amazing game with LDPlayer, which offers a tonne of new features to make the game easier to play.

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