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Orao Network Coin Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Orao Network?

Orao Network has been playing a crucial role in the expanding decentralised product area. Orao wants to act as an oracle for various blockchains and other initiatives needing bespoke data feeds. Orao Network, a blockchain-based platform built on the Polkadot ecosystem, seeks to safeguard data and improve performance in real-time.

According to Orao, the majority of existing blockchains are insulated from the internet and external data and are thus self-contained, placing severe constraints on their ability to expand further. In order to maintain speed, security, and scalability, the platform will offer virtual gateways for all blockchains. Numerous buyers and suppliers can trade a wide variety of data into financial data.

By implementing a reputation system, Orao is following in the steps of top Oracle service providers like chainlink and DOS. Integrated system will support platform to regulate data suppliers and freshness of data along with order completion rate and timely completion of demand. Integration of the data protocol, however, will also aid in evaluating the data provider’s use of machine learning and data normalisation. Giving new data providers an equal chance and changing the nature of an existing data source can both pose serious problems for data seekers. As a result, all data, even older data providers who blindly trusted data for a certain output, will be analysed.

Orao Network Price Prediction

Month & YearORAO Price Prediction
September 2022$0.00
October 2022$0.00
November 2022$0.00
December 2022$0.00
January 2023$0.01
February 2023$0.00
March 2023$0.00
April 2023$0.00
May 2023$0.01
June 2023$0.01
September 2023$0.01
December 2023$0.01
April 2024$0.01
July 2024$0.01
October 2024$0.01
January 2025$0.01
February 2025$0.02
March 2025$0.02
April 2025$0.02
May 2025$0.02
June 2025$0.02
July 2025$0.02
August 2025$0.03
September 2025$0.02
October 2025$0.02
November 2025$0.03
Decemeber 2025$0.03
January 2030$0.06
March 2030$0.07
May 2030$0.07
July 2030$0.07
September 2030$0.08
December 2030$0.08

Orao Network Overview

Project nameOrao Network
Ticker SymbolORAO
Total Supply1 Billion
Based onOracle Service
Launched year2021
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformNA
WalletMetamask Wallet

Orao Network IDO Overview

Platform usedDAOMaker
Raised by$ 2,090,000 USD
Date of ICO24th march 2021
ICO Price$0.015 USD
PartnersPolkafoundary, Elrond

Orao Network Coin Price Analysis

The ORAO Token is only utilised as the main utility token that is crucial to the ecosystem’s operation. The launch of the ORAO token aims to offer ecosystem users a convenient, safe method of payment and exchange. Token will offer incentives that will increase token usage and keep the ORAO Ecosystem in tact. Staking will aim to deter participants from engaging in malevolent behaviour and provide rewards for stakeholders. Recently, ORAO formally announced a cooperation with Elrond and Polkafoundary, two well-known projects with sizable user bases, to provide unique data feeds. As an example, the launchpad and NFT marketplace being worked on by Polkafoundary, which might be a tremendous benefit for ORAO Network.

ORAO Network offers two alternative platforms for fund-raising, using DAOMaker for IDO and Gate Platform for IEO at a cost of $0.015. Despite the lack of a listing announcement, the project has the potential to begin trading with a 30x premium above IDO or ICO Price.


Oracle is the brains behind the smart contracts that have the potential to transform the globe into a decentralised network. The demand for Oracle data is currently at its peak, and the current platform has undoubtedly met users’ expectations. However, a fault in the current services provider results in significant losses for many blockchain projects and customers owing to uneven data delivery. ORAO focuses on issues like high performance, scalability, and provider confidence to deliver required data. OROA will facilitate cross-chain interaction, i.e., many networks in addition to interaction from Ethereum to Zilliqa, making it blockchain agnostic. Because both platforms for ORAO and Kylin Network are based on the same technology, users will pay more attention to a better and more reliable provider.

Will Orao Network hit $1?

The entire quantity of ORAO is enormous, and following the pre-sale, it is anticipated that ORAO will exceed $1 USD.

Is Orao Network a Good Investment?

ORAO will undoubtedly get the attention of investors because to its excellent staff, innovative strategy, and focus on the future of Oracle services.

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