Top 5 Games That Subvert and Surprise

Undertale and other similar games will always try to surprise you. This renowned independent game from Toby Fox is a provocative journey with shocks and surprises at nearly every turn by design. It is both a meticulous homage to some of the greatest classic video games ever made and a daring attempt to disassemble them all at once.

The games that offer similar vibes and surprises to Undertale are listed below. These games take advantage of your nostalgia to produce something wholly new.

5 Games That Subvert and Surprise

Pony Island

The phrase “as indie as can be” used by this game to describe itself is a perfect fit for Undertale. Like Undertale, Pony Island enjoys breaking the fourth wall quite a bit. It all starts with the devil creating what is effectively a game within a game. Pony Island has an open score with riddles and settles in a loving, comic tone, in contrast to Undertale, which parodies JRPGs. Those hoping for the unexpected (plus ponies) won’t be let down in any way.

Lisa The Painful

This game is for you if you’re seeking something that’s both darkly humorous and thought-provoking. Turn-based role-playing game Lisa: The Painful RPG, more often known as Lisa the Painful, is styled to resemble a side-scroller. It poses some challenging moral dilemmas similar to Undertale, but it does not allow you to negotiate your way out of a difficult situation. Instead, it would help if you frequently satiated the darkest desires you could imagine a character capable of advancing and sacrificing your party members. By the way, Junji Ito lovers will also enjoy this game.

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Given that it’s the latest game from Undertale developer Toby Fox, this one should be rather obvious. Chapter 1 was released last year and is accessible for free on consoles or the Deltarune website. You might think it’s a sequel because it has the same aesthetic as Undertale, with anthropomorphic characters and a generally lovely feeling. It was promoted as a game for “those who have finished Undertale.” However, it isn’t. Deltarune, on the other hand, is a game that pays homage to its predecessor while also including actual turn-based RPG action.

Cave Story

Like Mega Man or Castlevania, Cave Story is a challenging 2D platformer with combat, primarily the work of a single developer. This contains shooter battles, such as the Undertale-style throwback bullet-hell action. You wake up with no memory of who you are, and without your past as a point of reference, it gets harder and harder to know who to trust and how to make the right decisions. The story is more complex than you might anticipate for this type of game. You have control over the latter, actively influencing the game’s result.

Persona 5

Although Undertale and Persona 5 don’t appear to have much in common stylistically, they have specific common themes and use them both in gameplay and story. Persona 5’s whole plot revolves around whether true justice exists and how we evaluate others. Different Personas must be defeated and captured during combat, but you can also bargain with them and ultimately spare their lives. Another thing this game often talks about is keeping this balance between punishing those you think are monstrous and granting them mercy.

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