Games Like Genshin Impact That You Must Try

Games Like Genshin Impact

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd, a free-to-play role-playing game, was created by the same studio that brought us to Genshin Impact. It borrows many characters from its sequel (Houkai Gakuen) but has a different plot. The player controls a group of three characters known as the Valkyries in the game’s single-player and multiplayer campaigns. Each character features unprecedented attacks, playstyles, and ultimate skills, similar to Genshin Impact.

While the multiplayer or co-op mode allows you to go on raids and obtain rewards like legendary weapons, the single-player mode allows you to explore the open world, gather materials, and complete challenges. Even though Honkai Impact 3 is set in a different world than Genshin Impact on mobile devices, the combat and graphics are still high calibres.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, an online role-playing game based on the anime series, allows players to assume the role of the main character. The plot, set in 2022, centres on a former Sword Art Online beta tester who becomes stuck in the game after it is released. The player must conquer all 100 floors of the Aincrad to exit the game. To do this, you must advance to the subsequent floor by completing boss raids, levelling up your character, and improving your skills.

Players can choose from various weapons throughout gameplay, including a sword, dagger, mace, axe, bow, and sword. Additionally, you can employ a few special attacks known as sword skills. Up to four sword skills can be equipped by the player and used quickly, one after the other.

Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja may pique your attention if you’re looking for an MMORPG with excellent visuals. It is a third-person online multiplayer game made in Unreal Engine 4 where players can interact with the open world.

The game allows players to engage in PvE and PvP objectives and select from classes that offer various fighting philosophies. Battle royale and racing are a couple of the PvP options. If you prefer not to fight, you can create and customise your characters, dress them however you like, get them married, have kids, and furnish homes.

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Tales Of Wind

The Gacha system is present in Tales of Wind, like Genshin Impact. The game’s primary goal, which is set in the mythical realm of La Place, is to battle enemies and capture them in soul cards that may be used to level up your power. You can change into monsters and use their special powers to defeat foes.

The game offers more than 20 leisure modes in addition to killing monsters, some of which include shooting, tests, and racing. Additionally, players can join a guild and fight in guild battles. You can personalise your character’s attire and amass adorable animals while you’re on the move.

Tales of Wind boasts an auto-battle and auto-path system if you’re sick of engaging in never-ending battles and exploring the vast open area. You can also partake in numerous tasks, including running a farm, entertaining guild members, and forming your squad.

Albion Online

Albion Online adopts an entirely different strategy by allowing players to customise the skills and playstyle of their characters, in contrast to Genshin Impact, which confines characters to specific classes like Pyro and Electro.

Every piece of equipment in the game is created by other players thanks to its player-driven economy. Albion Online allows you to join a faction to participate in faction campaigns, claim territory, gather resources, establish guild halls and hideouts, and play both PvP and PvE game modes. The fact that players on mobile devices can team up with those on other platforms, including PC, makes it one of the few games that offer a cross-platform experience.

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