Evil Video Games: Top 5 Games That You Must Check Out

In Evil video games, doing good things is frequently rewarded. However, this does not imply that wickedness is always terrible, as it occasionally brings even better rewards! Read to know more about evil video games.

Evil Video Games

Although the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake was regrettably postponed indefinitely, longtime players will still cherish their memories of choosing the dark side. Video games started introducing mechanisms in the 2000s that changed a player’s playing solely based on their choices instead of how they played. The Karma system is a well-known illustration. Excellent karma comes from doing good deeds. When you misbehave, negative karma results.

Although not all games use that specific structure, they all have one thing in common: even doing horrible things might result in rewards. Most participants benefited from such a system because they could act however they pleased and receive tips instead of only penalties. Occasionally, doing the wrong thing is much more satisfying than doing the right thing.

Infamous: Second Son

The events of the first series’ follow-up are not present in the plot of Infamous Second Son. People with abilities are conduits, and after people wiped off most of them, the D.U.P., a government-organized organisation, decided to wipe out the surviving ability holders.

The main character in this game has the unusual ability to steal other people’s skills. In this game, killing bystanders, police officers, or even foes who can no longer fight is necessary to acquire negative karma. The more the player has access to more special powers, the greater their negative karma score.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

One of the best RPG games available for V.R. is Skyrim. And it’s not difficult to understand why either, as the game offers players so many options that it stands as one of the best representations of what an RPG game should be. Sure, players might explore the land of Skyrim, carrying out heroic actions and evolving into the legendary hero the game desires.

Or they might do something harmful. Doing blatantly wrong missions, like bowing to Molag Bal, can be in the scenes. Nevertheless, the players receive the evil god’s weapon in that trade—a mighty mace that deals more harm and encases souls in crystals.

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series is well known for giving players a lot of flexibility in the expansive world it creates. As a result, there are two possible paths that a player might take, each with unique options and ends. They are starting with the Paragon. Do good deeds, and you’ll get the best resources and excellent relationships with people.

The Renegade path is another option. Players must select the most heinous options if they want to take such a course. The player does not adhere to social conventions to forge relationships, making this path gratifying. Additionally, they could blow everyone up if they didn’t want to waste the game placating other players.


All of the Prototype revolves around doing nasty things to stay alive. The protagonist develops health and abilities as he swallows more people. Indeed, the player not only kills innocent individuals but there are advantages to doing so.

Consuming someone enables the protagonist to access a memory, which is essential for the game’s story to advance. The player occasionally has the option to shapeshift into the person they ingest, giving them access to particular locations. The gamer could even survive by employing the nearby bystanders as body shields.

The Fable

The Fable series is arguably the source of both fantasy role-playing games and games with a complex karma system. It made several gameplay choices and feature introductions in 2005 that would define the genre for years to come.

Fable, one of the best fantasy video games, frequently gives players the impression that it is a harmless game for younger audiences due to its cartoonish aesthetic. And while to some extent it is true, players have the choice to behave harshly if they so choose. And they’ll frequently receive payment for it. They had two options: take gold and jewels from others or even sacrifice followers in exchange for a potent weapon.

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