How to Jump Start a Car? Know It All Here

A car with a dead battery can be started using a jump start. However, if jump leads aren’t used correctly, they can harm both persons and cars.

We always suggest that you call us and let our skilled mechanics jump-start your car for your safety and our peace of mind.

Check out our tips on how to jump start a car if you want to do it yourself. However, if your manual contains any instructions that differ from ours, be sure to read them and adhere to them.

How to Jump Start a Car?

1. Position both vehicles in a straight line.

Place both vehicles so that their batteries are easily accessible from one another. (without the cars actually touching).

Keep the ignitions off and the handbrakes on.

2. Join the red jump lead.

Connect the positive (+) terminal of the functioning battery to the positive (+) terminal of the flat battery using the red jump lead.

3. Attach the dark jump lead.

Place the black jump lead on the functional battery’s negative (-) terminal.

Next, connect the other end to an earthing point that is far from the flat battery and fuel system (a piece of unpainted metal on the engine block or chassis).

4.Start the opposite vehicle.

Wait three minutes with both engines off, then start the running car’s engine and let it run for a full minute.

5. Begin your vehicle.

Start the car’s engine if the battery is dead.

6. Let both vehicles go.

Allow both vehicles to run at a high speed for ten minutes.

7. Deactivate and unplug

Then, gently disconnect the leads in the opposite direction from how they were connected after shutting off the engines of both vehicles. (remove the black lead from your car first and finish with the red lead from the other car).

As you remove the leads, make sure they don’t touch either of the cars or one another.

8.Start your vehicle

Test starting your car by turning the keys in the ignition.

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9. Request assistance

If your automobile won’t start, a more significant issue requiring professional assistance is probably present.

How Often Should One Change His Battery car?

Batteries typically last between 5 and 7 years, but you should only change a car battery when it begins to degrade.

Get the battery checked out if it’s older than five years and looks to be having trouble starting the car. It will be worse if it’s a roadside emergency or on a chilly morning when you’re already running behind schedule for work, so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

If you have breakdown coverage with us, we’ll send someone out to test your battery and determine whether you need a new one or just a charge.


How often should one change his car battery?

Batteries typically last between 5 and 7 years, but you should only change a car battery when it begins to degrade.

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