PlatinumGames Issues Statement On Voice Actor Situation 

Hello friends today we will talking about PlatinumGames. Hellena Taylor, a former voice actress for Bayonetta, created quite a stir last week on social media when she posted videos saying she was only paid $4,000 to return for the third instalment of the series. In a formal response to those remarks and everything that has followed, PlatinumGames has stated its support for Jennifer Hale, the actor. She took Taylor’s position in Bayonetta 3 as the game’s replacement.


PlatinumGames released a statement saying, “We give Jennifer Hale our complete support as the new Bayonetta and agree with everything in her statement” (thanks, VGC). We kindly ask folks to stop saying anything that would be disrespectful to Jennifer or any other series contributors. Platinum’s VP Hideki Kamiya addressed most of the remarks this week, but this is the studio’s first official statement.

Debate Related To Taylor

The debate started when Taylor claimed in the videos above that she received a flat rate of $4,000 to provide the game’s voice acting, an offer she claims to have rejected. Other stories that disputed Taylor’s assertions started to surface as the business-backed her. According to sources close to Platinum, according to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, Taylor received closer to $15,000 for her efforts.

Taylor has debunked these rumours, and Hale, now Hale’s replacement, has also commented on the matter. Hale added, “As a long-time voice acting community member, I support every actor’s right to receive adequate and have fought for this for years. In addition, an NDA precludes Hale from saying anything else about the situation. That was essentially all she was able to say about it legally.

Bayonetta 3

Taylor is trying to get people to from buying Bayonetta 3 by posting videos and making accusations that she received very little for a lot of labour. The actor has requested that individuals who intend to skip the first game. On October 28, 2022, one week from today, Bayonetta 3 will release on the Nintendo Switch.

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