How to play go Game| Instructions, Rules And Strategies

The Go Game has a history of more than 2,500 years and is said to have originated in China. The game was once used to decide Tibet’s fate when a Buddhist emperor refrained from starting a war. It is a skill game that mimics Chess, but it has different rules and tests the players’ intellectual and intuitive abilities. Although go Game for Beginners uses smaller boards of 9×9 and 13×13, this territorial game has a grid of 19×19. Flip it, a portable version of Go Game is another option that is simple to pack for a vacation.  

Early players used a 17×17 grid, but after it was introduced in Korea and Japan, the 19×19 grid took over as the standard.

The black stones are used by one player while the other employs the black ones in the game’s “stones” as playing pieces. Players take turns placing the stones on the numerous empty spaces on the board as the game begins with an empty board. The black stones begin the game by being put at the intersections of the lines; once they are there, they cannot be moved unless they are taken.

A stone is captured when it is completely encircled by enemy stones in all of its surrounding places. In order to begin the game, players stake claims on the areas of the board they want to inhabit. The number of stones taken is increased by the number of empty intersections on each player’s side of the field at the conclusion of the game. The winner is whoever has the highest total. 

Why Learn To Play go Game?

The game creates a fantastic sport or hobby, which is the primary motivation for players to learn how to play it. The game helps players balance their assault and defensive techniques while bringing out their own personalities. Players are also aware of their strengths and shortcomings as well as their capacity to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Due to its capacity to encourage creativity and the lack of continual memorization and in-depth examination of the player’s position, most players prefer this game to Chess. 

How To Play Go Game

The objective of the game is for players to use the stones to form territories by occupying the vacant areas on the board. 

  1. Players should think about setting the stones near handicap markers at the start of the game, which are often in the board’s corners. By doing this, the player has access to corner locations that facilitate territorial expansion and are simple to defend.
  2. Because stones are so simple to capture, players should only play them along the board’s edge. The corner often only needs two stones to be collected, but the side usually needs three. Players must grab stones in the open space, though.
  3. If you want to occupy an open space, think about constructing off a sturdy building. You get to keep your stones safe and expand your base for next actions.
  4. Keep your stones away from your adversary. When you are chasing stones, you don’t want to let them become more powerful.
  5. Steer clear of your opponent’s domain while setting your stones. All you are doing is giving them free stones to grab. When you are sure that you will be able to capture his stones, this tactic works.

Go Game Board Game Rules

  1. The game starts with an empty board unless players agree to place a handicap
  2. Black should always make the first move towards the upper right corner
  3. White makes the second move towards the lower right corner
  4. A player makes a move when he places a stone on a vacant intersection on the board
  5. Players are allowed to pass their turns
  6. Two successive passes bring the game to an end
  7. The player who occupies the most extensive area wins
  8. The player’s area comprises of all the points he has surrounded
  9. A stone should be removed when the enemy occupies adjacent intersections

Go Game Strategies To Win

1. Keep The Stones Connected

Players can quickly occupy area by connecting stones into big clusters. To capture the opponent’s stone, for instance, a player can utilise two nearby stones in the board’s centre to create a group of six stones. Sharing liberty is made simpler by connecting stones. 

2.   Gain Territory

It is a crucial Go Game tactic for newcomers. According to experts, it is more crucial than stealing your opponent’s stones. By erecting walls around the open intersections on the board, players can expand their domain.

3. Protect Your Stones

If you don’t have any movements that will work in your favor, pass and try to find strategies to defend your stones. Remember that the more stones you play, the more points you hand over to the other team. Accept the handicap if your opponent offers it and you can see that he is stronger than you.


How long is a Go Game?

The majority of Go games played at amateur Go competitions last between one and two hours. However, some Blitz Go competitions include a 10-minute player time restriction. (if the player uses 10 minutes, he loses by time).

Is Go game good for brain?

Mind games that don’t depend on luck, like Go, are known to train both hemispheres of the brain. It has been discovered that doing this helps prevent degenerative brain illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

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