Arabella Del Busso Biography,All You Need To Know

Arabella Del Busso Biography

Arabella Del Busso is the ex of the well-known NRL star Josh Reynolds. Arabella is a model for fashion and a formidable force. Although she had been a member of SAS Australia, she left the programme after learning of her activities.

  • Reynolds was duped by her using a false pregnancy screen to inform him that she was expecting twins. She claimed she took this action to preserve her marriage since she and Josh were on the verge of splitting.
  • As of late June 2021, Arabella Del Busso and her arguments were never resolved; she was accused of stealing more than $52,000 from her former boss. Not when Arabella was initially charged with stealing. She was accused of stealing goods from a prior employee in 2019.
  • She also accepted $35,785 and $16,565 from Rheumatology Specialist Care in Kogarah and the Clinic’s Randwick location while working there as an assistant. Arabella Del Busso is currently 30 years old. However, since her actual date of birth has not yet been discovered, it is only a supposition.
  • She is of Italian descent and was born to Matt Furlong and Isobel Pruesker in Melbourne, Australia. There is no information regarding her personal life, family, and educational background.
  • She hasn’t given many details about her private life to the public. After floating apart from Josh Reynolds, Arabella Del Busso doesn’t seem to be dating anybody else.
  • Arabella lied to NFL player Josh Reynolds about being pregnant with twins while they were dating, even though they saw someone else. While they were dating, she staged several pregnancies and failed labours.
  • Not only that, but she also captured a domestic altercation in which Josh was accused of being abusive. But in February 2020, the false accusations and related charges were dropped.

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