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Can Blockchain Networks Be Automated?

In digital systems Blockchain, automation of processes is a necessity. Automated activities are frequently more secure than human actions, which is crucial in today’s digital environment. They are also more effective than human actions at performing several crucial jobs. However, more businesses than ever are incorporating blockchain technology into their digital systems in addition to automated software. Therefore, the ability to automate blockchain networks is advantageous to everyone.

Block-chain networks that already include artificial intelligence (AI) into their technology to support automation in some way. The Fetch AI network is one example of how AI technology is being used to enable users to assign routine activities to the platform on their behalf. Since January 2023, the Fetch AI price has seen a series of increases that have investors thrilled. The FET is the native cryptocurrency of the Fetch AI platform.

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Digital Twins

Fetch AI utilises automated technology to complete automated activities on a user’s behalf and is built on the Cosmos-SDK blockchain network. The Fetch AI network, for instance, can search for and reserve a rail ticket for you instead of requiring you to use a price comparison website. An autonomous robot serving as the user’s “digital twin” allows it to accomplish this. Following that, this bot negotiates on behalf of the user with other digital twins from train companies or ticket sellers.

All internet transactions should be decentralised and automated, according to Fetch AI. The network makes use of Cosmwasm, a high-performance WebAssembly-based smart contract language, to execute automated activities. With the help of this smart contract language, powerful cryptography and machine learning logic may be implemented on-chain.

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Smart Contracts

There is a sizable need for automated procedures from companies, sectors, and organisations in addition to from consumers. More and more industries are using blockchain software in their digital workflows, including those in government, banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare. Additionally, these sectors must follow standards. It is crucial that blockchain networks are set up to employ technology that enables automated chores and actions because of this. Organizations need to be able to rely on a self-sustaining digital infrastructure that can swiftly, reliably, and securely simulate repeated activities. It is able to achieve this thanks to AI autonomous technology.

The usage of smart contracts allows blockchain networks to be automated across borders without the requirement for a centralized organization. The administration of transactions, keeping track of legal ownership documents, processing insurance claims and payments, managing assets, and many other tasks are typical uses for blockchain software in businesses and industries.

Machine Learning

A software bot is used in robotic process automation (RPA), a technology, to automate manual and repetitive tasks. Users now have an easier time creating, deploying, and managing software bots that mimic human movements and jobs. Within digital systems, RPA has various benefits, especially for enterprises. In addition to enhancing digital operations, technology also reduces costs, boosts productivity, and raises quality. Additionally, any software that is driven by machines will undoubtedly be more accurate, consistent, and reliable than human beings, as well as more able to quickly adapt to changes in various industries.

While RPA is used to complement human labour by automating repetitive tasks, AI is expected to completely replace human labour by automating actions under no human supervision. Despite this, RPA software now includes machine-learning AI technology, allowing for the automation of operations using non-structured data, visual perception, and more sophisticated decision-making processes. The developments in RPA driven by AI have benefits for several technologies, including blockchain networks.

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Combining Technologies

Blockchain software, which was previously only a platform for bitcoin, has evolved into a unique technology where users can conduct safe and trustworthy transactions.

Businesses and organisations frequently use a variety of digital technology to increase productivity and save expenses. Additionally, businesses need to look to the most recent strategies when it comes to the digital platforms they use in order to meet consumer demands and stay one step ahead of their rivals.

Organisations can rely on a system that provides them with the outcomes they need by merging automated technologies like RPA with blockchain software. For instance, by enabling quick, safe, and dependable automated transactions, blockchain networks may leverage RPA software to improve consumer satisfaction.

Automated trustworthy data processing may also be created using RPA and blockchain technologies. Combining these two makes the blockchain into a centralised network that can control data transmission from another process. Therefore, any transactions and data processing for the RPA software’s automated decisions can be recorded on the blockchain’s ledger.


Blockchain networks may be automated using a variety of technologies, including RPA, smart contracts, and AI software. It will be intriguing to see what the future holds for automated task performance given how recent blockchain technology is.


Can blockchain development be automated?

The need of middlemen to enforce contracts, validate transactions, or do background checks is no longer necessary thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts. This indicates that BPM software can handle new technologies integrated into business processes and automate business operations to a greater extent.

Can AI take over blockchain?

Blockchain technology can assure data security and integrity, while AI can be used to identify dangers and take appropriate action. Blockchain and AI may be used to build more effective and secure cybersecurity solutions for people, corporations, and governments.

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