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How to Earn money by creating a Motivation Page on Instagram?

Hello Friends today we are taking about Motivation Page on Instagram, welcome to another amazing article on the our website. You guys already know every I publish a very excellent paper which can help people to earn money online, this making is like pocket money for them, but today’s trick is so amazing.

Yes, you heard it right. Today I am sharing how you can earn money through the Instagram Platform by Creating a Motivation Page and getting Millions of followers, reach, and Engagement which helps you get more Promotions.

How to Earn money by creating a Motivation Page on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the 2nd largest using Social media platforms in the whole world. Many of us love to watch Motivation Page on Instagram promote by Reel Videos, and many peoples share Funny Memes, but today we are going to create a Motivation, Instagram Page. Do you want to know how? Just read given all steps.

Step 1: First, you must find many Motivation Quotes. For this, we will use a website named Brainy Quote. The direct link to a website is given below.

On this website, you will get to see a lot of different categories of Quotes, but as now we are working on the Motivation Page so will pick Some Motivation Quotes.

Step 2: The quote we recently copied is just in text format, so we will use the Canva website to convert the text into an Attractive Quote Image. For this visit to the Canva website which direct link is given below.

Now login into Canva and start creating awesome Motivational Quote Images. And also, don’t forget to add your Instagram Page Username as a watermark and then Download that Image.

Step 3: In the next and last step, we have to Upload these Quote Images to our Motivation Page. Make sure to add Motivational Tags, and you have to post 3-5 Motivation Quotes daily on your Instagram Page.

Now you must follow some Motivation Pages as they are your competitors. Now go and check the follower’s list of these pages and start following them from your motivation page Instagram account. You have to follow 30 accounts once every 15 Mints.

After this procedure, when your Motivation Page on Instagram gains some Instagram Followers, like 10k or 50k followers, you will get some Promotion Offers. You may charge 500 Rupees for promotion on your Instagram account story.


This is the Most Amazing Strategy I have been using for the past few months to earn money from Motivation Page on Instagram, and if you work hard and upload daily 5 Quote images on your Instagram Page, I will make sure that within 6 months, your monthly earnings will be more than 20 Thousand a Month.

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