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How to earn money from Rumble (Youtube Copy Paste work)

Hello, friends. In this article, I will tell you the most important thing about the rumble website, where you can earn money in 2 different ways.

First, if you guys don’t know anything about the Rumble website, let me tell you in detail about this site. First, understand what is rumble and how does it work?

What is Rumble?

Rumble is a Video sharing platform just like YouTube, you can create free your account on rumble, and then you may publish your video content on this website. Rumble is less popular than YouTube, but you can make money from this website.

official website is special for every digital marketer because the traffic ratio of rumble is more than 100 million visitors per month, so you can understand how much audience you can grab through Rumble.

How to Upload Videos in Rumble?

  • First, create your account on the rumble website
  • Then visit Popular Instagram Pages
  • Then find some Insta Reel Content (copy Instagram reel link)
  • Download that Instagram reel video from any ig reel downloader tool or website.
  • Visit Rumble’s official website and start to upload your video.

How to make Money from Rumble?

I know there are many ways and tricks to earn money rumble, but today I’m sharing with you two effective ways to make money from Rumble in less time.

Uploading VideoThe first way to earn money from the website is to upload as much content as possible. If your rumble videos get Monetized, and Your content gets viral with less time, then you can earn money from the videos you uploaded earlier on official website.

  • Affiliate Marketing

First, choose an affiliate marketing program, then find products that are relatable to your niche. After that, copy the link of that product, and paste that link into your rumble video description.

It would be best if you waited for at least a month to get positive results from the website. If your videos get viral, then your earnings of affiliate marketing will be bost as fast as I am earning money right now through official website.


Don’t worry. This website is legit, and you will earn money from Rumble Website. Just understand that you should work on this website regularly so your video content will be ranked or viral on this website feed.

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