Most Outstanding Kuudere Male Characters in JRPGs

In anime and manga, there is a character archetype known as the kuudere, characterised by an initially frigid exterior that eventually gives way to warmth and compassion. Examples of the archetype kuudere, which is as well-known as the mythical tsundere, may be found in most Japanese media.

The kuudere is one example of how storytelling elements from anime and manga are frequently used in JRPGs. Even though most kuudere characters are female, quite a few male characters also share the same personality qualities. The most well-known male kuuderes from JRPGs are listed below.


It’s easy to leave Erk’s first few encounters with the feeling that he’s pretty aloof. He is duty-minded to sound unduly emotionless in his talks and is terse and dry. Many players could complete the game without realising that he had little overall significance to the story.

However, Kuudere Erk is considerably more sensitive than initially appears, as revealed via interactions with specific personalities. Even though he struggles to express his feelings, he treats everyone kindly and hardly ever becomes agitated.


Disgaea 3’s protagonist takes excellent satisfaction in being nasty and rebellious, continually breaking the law and treating people with contempt. His father was an Evil Overlord and spat on the notions of charity and camaraderie.

Mao still presents himself as an evil demon, but it becomes more and more evident that he cares about his companions as the game goes on, and he keeps interacting with characters like Almaz and Sapphire. Mao is still bent on becoming the Overlord, albeit a kinder one than the previous.


Alex Dudley works in the First Division of the Crossbell Police Department and doesn’t have much patience for foolishness. He is utterly sad and calm, and in his first interactions with the Special Support Section, he saw them as inexperienced troublemakers who wouldn’t quit interfering with police affairs Kuudere.

After they earned his respect, he immediately warmed up to the Special Support Section. While he maintained his no-nonsense manner, he grew more confident in them and had high expectations for their job. Despite being one of their harshest critics at first, he soon turned into one of the Special Support Section’s most important allies.


Riku is one of the older and more experienced children among the numerous who reside on the Destiny Islands. His calm, steely demeanour was most evident when he briefly followed Ansem and committed his heart to the evil.

But Riku also has a kind and sympathetic side that is only seen when he is with his close pals, Kairi and Sora. Even though Riku has had to accept and come to terms with his time spent in the shadows, he is now a Keyblade Master who values the friends he has around him.

Jusis Albarea

Jusis Albarea looks to be the most obstinate and heartless of the many Class VII students. Jusis took pride in his noble heritage as a member of one of Erebonia’s Four Great Houses, but he kept a deep hurt in his heart.

Jusis found himself warming up to the other students in Class VII despite being initially distant. Jusis transformed from a solitary player who infrequently connected with others to a dependable ally who participated in the group’s fellowship during the first two Cold Steel games.


As the Greil Mercenaries’ staff officer and strategist, Soren frequently finds himself having to make choices that sometimes seem callous and ruthless. He was also naturally misanthropic and untrusting due to his history of being shunned and despised because of his ethnicity.

Soren eventually lets down his guard and shares his true feelings with Ike, one of his closest friends and the only person he truly trusts. Even if such occurrences are uncommon, they reveal a different side to someone who initially seemed heartless and frigid.

Yusuke Kitagawa

The first time Yusuke Kitagawa encountered the Phantom Thieves, his Kuudere nature was displayed. He is expressive and friendly with Ann, whom he views as a potential model for his artwork, but contemptuous and indifferent with Joker and Ryuji, whom he initially views as barriers to his work.

But as soon as he joins the Phantom Thieves, Yusuke rapidly starts to get along with the others. While his eccentric nature may overshadow his kuudere tendencies, it’s difficult to deny that his first experience with the Phantom Thieves evokes the archetype.

Cloud Strife

One of the most well-known JRPGs of all time’s famous main character is frequently portrayed as a brooding recluse. His rudeness, sarcasm and lack of friendliness with most people do little to dispel this from the first image they get of him.

However, as they advance through the game, players are shown surprising sides of Cloud. Although Cloud presents a chilly exterior, he cares about people and has a quirky, silly side. It takes time to understand that Cloud is more complex than merely gloomy and brooding.

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