Google is cutting hundreds of jobs globally: Here’s why

According to reports, Google is cutting hundreds of jobs globally. Google, however, has not disclosed the precise number of individuals who have been asked to quit. In a statement, the internet behemoth said that “the volume of requests for our recruiters has gone down.”

We’ve made the difficult choice to cut the size of our recruitment staff so that we can continue our essential job to guarantee we run effectively, a Google representative was cited as saying. In the meanwhile, Brian Ong, Google’s vice president of recruitment, informed staff members of this choice in a video meeting, noting that it was a difficult one and not one anybody wanted to bring up again this year.

Google is cutting hundreds of jobs globally

The impacted staff would begin getting emails regarding the job reduction, he added. Ong allegedly said to staff members in a video meeting, “It’s not something that was an easy decision to make, and it definitely isn’t a conversation any of us wanted to have again this year.”

In general, it’s the correct thing to do, he continued, “given the base of hiring we’ve received over the upcoming quarters.”

Approximately 6% of Google’s full-time workers, including those in the recruitment department, would be affected by the 12,000 job cuts that the company announced in January. As part of these layoffs, Google India is said to have already fired roughly 400 workers.

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Google is actively reducing expenses. On the business’s earnings call in July, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company was attempting to slow down “expense growth and pace of hiring.” The company recently urged workers who returned to work to share their workstations with a “partner” in an effort to further reduce costs.

Google is also believed to have taken actions like cutting back on complimentary meals and gym memberships for current employees. The company has reportedly halted spending on personal things like laptop computers, according to an internal document that has suddenly surfaced online.

Mencini stated, “We continue to invest in top technical and engineering talent while also considerably decreasing the pace of our total recruiting. “In keeping with this, there have been less inquiries for our recruiters. We’ve made the difficult choice to scale back our recruitment staff so that we may continue our crucial job to guarantee that we run effectively.


Why is Google laying off jobs?

The most recent job layoffs come after Alphabet, the parent company of Google, lost 12,000 employees in January, or approximately 6% of its total staff, as it struggled with the economic unrest that had a negative impact on the firm’s bottom line in particular its main advertising division.

Is Google laying off more employees?

The IT giant eliminated 12,000 workers in January and has since worked to reduce expenses in order to fund developments in artificial intelligence. Nico is a San Francisco-based reporter who covers Google and associated businesses.

Will Google ever hire again?

Investors shouldn’t anticipate Alphabet to resume recruiting anytime soon, according to Porat. They should anticipate the reverse, instead. She stated on the conference call that Alphabet intends to “meaningfully slow the pace of hiring in 2023.”

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