Here is How to protect your computer from BBBW Malware?

What is BBBW malware?

BBBW Malware ransomware is harmful computer software. Among the computer files that it targets are documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, archives, databases, images, and other materials that users frequently utilize.

The BBBW Malware infection, like most ransomware, tries to extract money from computer users by blocking their access to files.

To modify their format and encrypt data using a very complicated algorithm, files encrypted with the.bbbw ransomware were given the.bbbw file suffix. Abc.doc will consequently become abc.doc.bbbw from the common file abc.doc.

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How can BBBW Virus infect your computers?

Attackers used a variety of tactics to spread the BBBW Malware ransomware. This STOP/DJVU malware variant may infect a computer by spam emails, drive-by download methods, malicious freeware, cracked software, social engineering ploys, Trojan-Dropper, and suspicious adverts.

According to the text file, the user’s data has been encrypted using a key that can only be decrypted with the key. By claiming that a costly decryption application is necessary to open their victims’ data, criminals demand a ransom from their victims.

They advise transmitting whatever of the compromised data they can interpret in order to win the victim’s trust. The victims are given two or more email addresses so they can get in touch with the offenders.

The con artists promise the victim a 50% discount on the decryption tool if they call them before a specified day and time in an urgency clause in their letter. What is the worth of a ransom? is a pertinent query to pose.

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Undoubtedly NOT! It’s not certain that you’ll get the decryption tool even if you pay the ransom. Even if they do, you will be one of their sponsors and they will use your money to lure more people into their web of lies. Thus, paying a ransom for your data also causes harm to others.

If your computer is Infected by the BBBW malware; follow these steps

  • – Start your PC in Safe Mode.
  • – After starting in Safe Mode, download antivirus software and do a comprehensive malware scan to ensure your machine is malware-free.
  • – Exit Safe Mode after the scan is finished, then permanently delete any infected files.
  • – You can restore data from Time Machine backups on a macOS device if your computer was infected, or you can utilize Windows’ System Recover utility. You may also perform a factory reset on a Windows (or macOS) device if you want your OS to be cleaner.
  • – After a computer reset or restoration, you can use the backup to restore your files.

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