Personal data leak by Russian hacker of famous personals on the Dark Web, victims inclusive of Duchess of York

Hello friends today we will talking about Russian hacker. According to reports, the “Snatch Team” was after Sarah Ferguson, 62, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, as well as Sir David Attenborough, 96, Lady Sarah Chatto, 58, King Charles’ cousin, and Sarah Ferguson.

According to sources, snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan, 46, and tennis player Tim Henman, 48, are also included on the list of famous people who were injured.

According to reports, Russian hacker targeted Daylesford, a premium organic food firm, in order to carry out the data attack.

Daylesford is a favourite of the well-known “poshest farm shop in Britain.”

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According to additional accounts, the firm’s executives turned down a sizeable Bitcoin ransom demand, which caused the information to be disclosed. Through the use of ransomware software, the Russian hacker maintained their threat activities.

Daylesford had disclosed in June of last year that it had been hacked, but there had been no compromise of personal data. Lady Carole Bamford, the millionaire Conservative Party contributor and owner of JCB Construction, is the company’s owner. They market £50 honey pots.

Recent reports, however, indicated that the Russian hacker had transferred a “huge stockpile” of stolen data to the dark web, totaling 80 terabytes of data.

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The dark web is well-known for being a trade ground for criminals that deal in drugs, guns, child pornography, stolen data, and credit card information.

According to reports, hacked Daylesford files included purchase sheets for its rich clients as well as private company information like employee complaints, confidentiality agreements, and banking details.

Former British military intelligence colonel Philip Ingram stated that the security services and corporations should take this cyberattack seriously. Daylesford is precisely the kind of business that Russian hackers would consider to be both a rich ransomware opportunity and potentially useful to Kremlin power brokers.

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