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Who are Marriage and Family Therapists? What Salary Can They Expect?

Marriage and family therapists

Families and couples frequently turn to marriage and family therapists for assistance because they deal with special challenges. These specialists have received specialized training in dealing with interpersonal problems that can occur in individuals, couples, families, and organizations.

Those in this sector frequently employ a range of psychotherapy approaches. To heal sickness, enhance communication, and fortify bonds with loved ones, they may work with lone patients, pairs of people, or entire families.

What do marriage and family therapists do?

Marriage and family therapists evaluate, identify, and treat psychological discomfort and mental disease within the framework of marriage and family systems. Premarital counselling, relationship counselling, child counselling, and separation and divorce counselling are all services they might offer. 1

A marriage and family therapist may regularly carry out the following responsibilities, among others:

  • Identifying and treating mental illnesses
  • Psychotherapy with singles, couples, and families
  • Creating treatment strategies
  • assisting clients in acquiring fresh interpersonal communication abilities
  • self-report inventories, interviews, observations, discussions, and formal assessments are used to gather data on clients.

Where They Work

In addition to outpatient care facilities, individual and family services, municipal and state governments, and the offices of other healthcare professionals, family therapists also operate in a variety of different settings. Private offices, inpatient mental health facilities, schools, universities, and health clinics are a few additional prevalent job environments.

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Salaries of marriage and family therapists

Marriage and family therapists make an average of $51,340 a year. Depending on the industry of employment, salaries can differ. The Occupational Outlook Handbook lists the following industries as having the best pay for this profession:

  • State government (mean annual wage)-$78,010 
  • Surgical and medical facilities: $71,110
  • Administration: $69,870
  • Centers for outpatient care: $62,740
  • Local government-$62,390

Training and Educational requirements

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) recommends a master’s degree and two years of supervised clinical experience as the minimal requirements for training to become a marriage and family therapist.

Therapists need to complete these educational requirements and pass state licencing exams in order to practise.

Professionals must possess the qualities necessary to succeed in the work in addition to the fundamental training and educational qualifications.

Another benefit is having some familiarity with various technologies. A variety of technological tools, such as video conferencing, accounting software, multi-line telephone systems, spreadsheet software, email, and medical software are frequently used by marriage and family therapists.

It is now even more crucial to be at ease using technology to give care because of the rise in online therapy.


What is the average salary of marriage and family therapists?

Marriage and family therapists make an average of $51,340 a year.

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