How To Become Meesho Supplier: A Complete Guide

How To Become Meesho Supplier

One of India’s biggest e-commerce sites, Meesho Supplier, has over 10 lakh Members. Meesho has developed the best online shopping experience for the Indian market, from the wide range of categories available to buyers to the simplicity of use for providers. Meesho is a well-liked platform among small and medium-sized enterprises because of its user-friendliness, hassle-free logistics, full data visibility, and large client base.

Why Become A Meesho Supplier?

Meesho Supplier

0% commission

Meesho, which doesn’t charge sales commissions, is the most lucrative online platform for suppliers. Many suppliers chose Meesho since they were the first platform in India to provide 0% commission.

No Fixed & Collection Fees

Every Meesho Supplier sale on a number of online marketplaces is subject to a collection charge. Meesho doesn’t impose a collection fee, nevertheless, and the provider receives the whole amount of sales revenue. Orders placed on Meesho using a cash on delivery payment method are free.

Easy Registration Process

Meesho’s simple registration process makes it possible to become a provider in only five minutes. All you need is a GSTIN and an active bank account. Anyone may join up to become a provider on Meesho for free because there is no registration cost.

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No penalty on RTOs

Any Return to Origins (RTO) will not incur a shipping cost from Meesho. The shipping partner will make three tries to contact the consumer. If the consumer rejects the product, it will be sent back to you without incurring any fees. For Meesho Supplier cancellations or auto-cancellations, Meesho does not charge a fee. If they are unable to fill an order because of a shortage of stock or another unforeseen scenario, suppliers can do their business on Meesho without worrying about paying fines.

Low-cost Advertising

Meesho charges a far lower minimum than other online marketplaces of Rs. 300 to start an advertising campaign. Your catalogues will be accessible to millions of people who are searching for or browsing comparable items when you put an advertisement on Meesho since they will be at the top of all discovery pages.

Low Shipping Costs

Using Meesho’s shipping service, which adds only 18% GST to shipping charges, allows you to concentrate on sales while they manage shipment and delivery. Meesho Supplier may plan deliveries with access to tens of thousands of regional courier services, offer their goods to millions of Meesho customers, and establish their own rates.

Supplier Registration Process

Meesho Supplier

Create you account

Go to Meesho supplier panel, input your phone number and email address, and choose a password to create your account. Then, provide your pick-up address, bank information, supplier information, and GST details. You will join the Meesho supplier community after a quick verification procedure.Meesho Supplier Panel

After completing the registration procedure, you may now access the Meesho Supplier Panel and begin selling your goods to millions of potential clients all throughout India. We strongly advise, however, that you go through the legal and policies part on the Meesho Supplier Panel before you begin displaying your items. with doing this, you can be certain that the catalogues you’ve published abide with Meesho regulations and prevent any potential problems in the future.

You must submit your product catalogue to Meesho before you can begin selling there. You may do this by login into the Meesho Supplier Panel. You will be taken through each step of this straightforward procedure to make sure that your items are accurately and aesthetically presented. The Meesho Supplier Panel is the one-stop shop for all of your needs related to online retailing. From the Supplier Panel, you can handle every task, including displaying your goods, keeping track of inventory, processing orders, and tracking payments. You can run your internet company with ease because to the platform’s simplicity of use.

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Upload Product Catalogue

On Meesho suppliers can submit catalogues one at a time or in bulk. 72 hours after the upload, the product catalogue goes live. Before adding product photographs for a catalogue, you must first choose a category. In order to provide buyers a better depiction of your goods, it is advised that you post several photographs. You will need to provide details for each product, including the price and any applicable GST.

To enhance the probability of obtaining an order, it is advised that you include three to four goods at the very least in your catalogue. Furthermore, for better exposure, it is advised that at least 5-7 catalogues be posted during the first several days. To make sure that the items they are selling comply with Meesho’s standards, Meesho Supplier are urged to carefully read the legal and policies portion of the Supplier Panel.

Popular Categories Sold on Meesho:

  1. Ethnic Wear: Sarees, salwar suits, lehenga cholis, and other ethnic clothing are available in Meesho’s collection, which is well known. These are widely used by women of all ages and are fairly priced.
  2. Western Fashion: A large variety of western clothing, including skirts, blouses, jeans, and more, is also available at Meesho. These are well-liked by young women searching for fashionable yet inexpensive apparel.
  3. Home & Kitchen: This category, which is also well-liked on Meesho, has sections for upholstery, ornamental objects, kitchen appliances, crockery, and other things. In addition to this, this category includes sections for office supplies, stationery, and sports and fitness equipment.
  4. Electronics Accessories: Grooming supplies, smartwatches, phone add-ons, household appliances, and other things are included in this category. Young folks who like the newest devices and gadgets are drawn to this area.
  5. Beauty and Health: Makeup, colognes, body cleansers, hair care products, and other items are available in the beauty area. Sanitizers, oral hygiene supplies, feminine hygiene goods, and other things are included under the health area. Men and women who are interested in personal care and grooming frequently shop in these areas.

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How to Upload Catalogue in Bulk on Meesho Supplier Panel?

  • Select the “Catalogue upload” option after logging into your Meesho Supplier panel account.
  • Decide to bulk-add a new catalogue.
  • Indicate the product category. Meesho will provide both main and subsection options. Pick the one that applies to your product the most.
  • Save the Meesho template to your computer.
  • Open the downloaded excel file and carefully follow the directions.
  • Complete the form on Sheet 2 in accordance with the guidelines given. Don’t upload the same product more than once in the current sheet or any earlier catalogues.
  • Keep in mind that some columns include dropdown menus that you must use in order for your catalogue to be submitted.
  • Return to the Meesho website after finishing the form, and upload the sheet.
  • After you submit the file, Meesho will upload your items.

Do We Get Orders on Meesho?

Meesho Supplier

Congratulations if your catalogue has been successfully uploaded and is currently available on Meesho! Now that you’re prepared, you may take orders. But how can you be guaranteed to improve your sales on the platform and receive more orders? The following advice:

  1. List more catalogues: Adding additional catalogues to your list is one of the most crucial things you can do. Make sure you have at least 5-7 active catalogues on Meesho since customers are more inclined to buy from a vendor who provides a wide range of items. Continue to add more catalogues to your profile as you go; don’t stop there. Your chances of receiving orders increase as you increase your offering.
  2. Set the right price: Make careful to account for your costs and target margin when determining the pricing for your items. Setting a competitive pricing is crucial to ensuring that buyers find your items appealing and prefer them to those of your rivals.
  3. Use the price recommendation tool: Meesho provides a price recommendation tool to assist you in setting a fair price for your goods. By giving you an advantage over other vendors, this solution can boost your exposure and sales on the market.
  4. List trending products: Customers are constantly searching for new and distinctive trends, so be sure to offer trendy goods to increase orders. The trend analysis tools on Meesho can help you determine what is and is not popular.
  5. Opt for the Next Day Dispatch (NDD) program: Your sales are considerably increased by Meesho’s NDD programme. You will get more visibility for any catalogues that are eligible for NDD by joining this programme. You’re therefore more likely to receive orders and close deals. So, if you qualify, be sure to choose this programme.

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Shipping and Delivery

Meesho takes care of all the arrangements on your behalf. You will just need to accept the order, package, and label the merchandise in your capacity as a Meesho Supplier. Additionally, Meesho provides a next-day shipment plan for catalogues that qualify, which can boost your sales. Meesho delivers to more than 28000 pin codes in India at the most competitive shipping prices.


Meesho accepts both cash-on-delivery (COD) and online payment methods. Your bank account is securely credited with the payment. Meesho, including orders for Cash on Delivery, follows a 7-day payment cycle after order delivery. The Meesho Supplier Panel allows you to view both your deposited balance and upcoming payments.

Tips for Successful Selling on Meesho

Building a Brand Presence

A successful internet business requires building a brand presence. It aids in giving your company a distinctive brand and makes it simpler for buyers to recognise your items. Put a special logo and banner on your Meesho store to make it your own. A distinctive logo and banner aid in giving your shop a unified and polished appearance. Additionally, providing clients with clear product descriptions and high-quality photographs helps them comprehend the items they are buying and increases their trust in your company.

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Understanding Customer Needs and Preferences

Understanding what clients want and need can help you customise your goods and services to better fulfil their needs and stand out in a crowded market. You may gain a better understanding of your target market’s demands by conducting market research. Utilise social media networks to acquire information and discover more about the preferences, purchasing habits, and likes and dislikes of your potential clients. Determine where there are holes in the market and how you might fill them. 

Offering Competitive Pricing and Discounts

Offering competitive pricing and discounts is one of the important components of selling effectively on Meesho. To draw clients and stand out, it’s critical to set pricing that are competitive. You may use Meesho’s pricing recommendation tool to determine the best price for your goods. To determine the optimum pricing, this tool takes into account a number of variables, including your expenses, rival prices, and demand for the goods. Keep a careful watch on your pricing plan and make necessary adjustments. It’s crucial to adjust as the market and client tastes change and make sure your price is competitive. 

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Providing Excellent Customer Service

To gain your consumers’ confidence and loyalty when selling on Meesho, you must deliver top-notch customer service. Always answer as soon as possible to client questions and grievances and provide enlightening details in your responses. Customers value replies that are brief and to the point. As long-term partnerships require trust and credibility, doing this will help you gain it with your clients. 

Leveraging Social Media For Promotion

Leveraging social media networks as an online retailer or dropshipper is a fantastic method to market your goods and company. By distributing captivating material and high-quality photographs, you can draw in and keep clients. Running competitions and giveaways on social media is one efficient approach to promote your company there. This is a fantastic approach to raise interest in and awareness of your brand. To entice people to like, comment on, and share your content, you might provide free goods, discounts, or other rewards.


Meesho is a great platform for suppliers to market their goods to a bigger customer base and grow their long-term enterprises. Suppliers may expand their markets and increase sales by utilising Meesho’s extensive network. The ability to centrally manage pricing, offers, discounts, and product information is one of Meesho’s main benefits. This facilitates leveraging sales, targeting the appropriate audience, and fast and effectively customising campaigns.

Additionally, it requires less time and money to organise and manage offline businesses, freeing up sellers to concentrate their efforts on improving their products and serving customers. Finally, Meesho uses analytics to assist Meesho Supplier make wise decisions regarding their future strategy and goods in order to optimise growth. Selling on Meesho is an effective and profitable business decision for both existing and prospective suppliers as a result of all of these elements.


How do I join a supplier in Meesho?

Create a Meesho Seller account. Your GSTIN number and an active bank account are all you need. Upload your product catalogue to the Meesho Supplier Panel after registration is complete. Meesho has the most affordable shipping rates for deliveries made throughout India.

How much do Meesho sellers earn?

Simply download the Meesho app to start selling the more than 3 lakh goods that are already there at minimal wholesale rates. Earn around 25,000 per month by sharing them with your connections on social networking sites like Whatsapp and Facebook.

Do Meesho sell old clothes?

Meesho boasts millions of active members, many of which are women, making it one of the most useful sites for people looking to sell their old clothes. Meesho is the ideal platform for making money off of worn clothing because it is known for resale.

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