How To Play Chess? Here Is A Complete Guide For Beginners

One of the earliest board games ever is chess. Although it has been enjoyed and played for centuries, chess has recently experienced a boom in popularity due to the large number of new players who want to learn the game’s rules.

How To Play Chess?

As a result of people looking to play chess online during lockdowns, the success of the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit, Twitch stars competing in the PogChamps tournament, and chess boxing, interest in the game has increased dramatically since 2020. experienced record-breaking traffic after a picture of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo playing che-ss went viral.

Chess is enjoying a rebirth, but mastering the game’s rules and many tactics might be confusing if you’ve never played before. In this situation, our guide is useful. We’ll walk you through the fundamental guidelines, explaining how to move and capture pieces as well as crucial plays like en passant and castling that are necessary to win.

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Chess Rules For Beginners

Whether you’ve just started playing again or are getting ready to start for the first time, we’ve put up this simple instruction on how to play chess. This guide covers all the principles of chess, including how to set up your board and when to call “checkmate” to end the game.

The information below will give you everything you need to play a casual game of chess, but we haven’t gone into as much detail on more advanced ideas like specific openings, board positions, or tournament rules. These are the bare minimum requirements to get you playing right away without having to worry about turn time or defending against certain openings. Once you understand the fundamentals of the game, you can gradually advance your skill and experience by playing and picking up new strategies, tactics, and game-related knowledge. Who knows, maybe this will help you become the next grandmaster.

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How to set up a chessboard

Two players compete in a game of chess on a board of eight by eight squares. Black and white are the classic light and dark colours that alternate throughout the 64 squares. When set up correctly, the rightmost square along the edge nearest to each player should be white.

The players’ pieces are put in the two horizontal rows (also known as ranks) that are closest to them. A row of eight pawns, each placed on a different square, makes up the second rank, or second row from the perspective of the player.

In the closest rank, rooks (also known as castles) are positioned on the two outermost squares on the left and right, followed by knights on the inner square next to them, and then bishops.

The king and queen are located in the rank’s two middle squares. The king takes up residence in the final square of the opposing colour, with the queen situated on the square that matches her colour (for example, the black queen on the black square). As a result, the king and queen of each hue face one another, creating the ideal symmetry for the two players.

Until one player is checkmated or resigns, the players take turns in turn-sharing rotation. The opening move is made by the white player. A draw is an option as well. In a game with an optional timer, such as one played in tournaments, the match is won by the first player to run out of time.

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Rules For Playing Chess

Do you need basic chess instructions? Here is a brief explanation of how the rules operate. In turn, each chess player performs a single move. Players cannot opt to skip a turn; they are required to move a piece on each turn. There is just one permitted way for each chess piece to move, and that is in that direction.

Pieces of either hue must be stopped or captured before passing through them, except the knight, who may hop over pieces.


What is the rule of playing chess?

Pieces of either hue must be stopped or captured before passing through them, except the knight, who may hop over pieces.

What rule must be kept in mind for playing chess?

Pieces of either hue must be stopped or captured before passing through them, except the knight, who may hop over pieces.

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