The Fantasy Books That Are Most Anticipated for Summer 2023

The peak reading season has arrived with Fantasy Books summer. There is no better or more essential summer accessory than a good Fantasy Books, whether that means you’re spending some quality time outdoors, relaxing poolside, or soaking in the sun in a far-off location. Since every reader over the age of thirty has wonderful recollections of accruing free pan pizzas courtesy to the Fantasy Books It summer reading programme, there are entire publishing categories devoted to beach Fantasy Books.  

The fact that there are so many excellent Fantasy Books coming our way in the next months is such a blessing since this time of year and reading just go together. In keeping with a 2023 trend that has seen so many fantastic sequels, exciting series openers, interesting standalones, and buzzy new debuts that we can hardly keep up with them all, fantasy enthusiasts in particular are spoilt with choice.

Here are some of our picks for the best fantasy titles arriving this summer. 

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Morgan Is My Name by Sophie Keetch

Release Date: June 13 from Random House Canada

Why We’re Excited: This feminist reinvention of Morgan le Fay, the fabled sorceress of King Arthur, continues publishing’s (very welcome) fixation with the notorious, purportedly terrible women of myth and legend. All I can say is, it’s about time.

Publisher’s Description: The pleasant existence of little Morgan of Cornwall at Tintagel Castle is interrupted by the murder of her father and the tricking of her mother into marriage by King Uther Pendragon, assisted by the wizard Merlin. Furious, clever, and seeking retribution, Morgan rebels against her cruel stepfather by enrolling in a covert programme, finding a lifelong aptitude for the healing arts, and falling in love with a guy who is clearly beneath her. Defiance, though, has a price. Morgan is exiled to a realm of secluded castles and chattering courts as a pawn in her stepfather’s war games, amidst the schemes of monarchs, sorcerers, and soldiers.

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The First Bright Thing by J.R. Dawson

Release Date: June 13 from Tor Fantasy Books

Why We’re Excited: The Night Circus and The Mysterious Life of Addie LaRue fans will adore this touching fantasy tale about a magical circus in World War I full of misfits, outcasts, and members of various marginalised groups. Register me straight now.

Publisher’s Description: Ringmaster — Those who know Rin well say that she can go across time as effortlessly as her wife, Odette, can fly over bars on the trapeze. They also operate a circus that serves as a unique sanctuary and refuge for magical misfits and outcasts known as Sparks.

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The Saint of Bright Doors by Vajra Chandrasekera

Release Date: July 11 from Tordotcom

Why We’re Excited: The Saint of Bright Doors sounds intriguing in its own right; it is a postcolonial fantasy that reportedly pits divine revolutionaries and transcendent cults against the banal disappointments of modern life. It’s possible that I would read anything that had a cover as lovely as this Fantasy Books does, but the premise of the Fantasy Books sounds intriguing enough in and of itself. Please say yes, er?

Publisher’s Description: Fetter was brought up to kill, and he sharpened his knife skills to slay his revered father. He had a lot to discuss about this in therapy.

Invisible anti-gods and devils that ridicule the mortal form were all about him as he moved. He acquired a secretive habit, lost his shadow, and learnt a deadly catechism. After a bloody upbringing, Fetter fled his little hamlet for the big metropolis and found himself in a more expansive world where heavenly destinies are plentiful.

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Dark Water Daughter by H.M. Long

Release Date: July 11 from Titan Fantasy Books

Why We’re Excited: A rather unusual Venn diagram of exactly my interests shows a nautical fantasy set in a Jacobean England-inspired world where witches known as Stormsingers can manipulate the weather through singing. 

Publisher’s Description: A Stormsinger is a lady whose voice can stop hurricanes and disperse armadas. Mary Firth is one such woman. Mary gives her abilities to his arch-rival in return for safety and, more significantly, his assistance in delivering pirate lord Silvanus Lirr to a watery grave after she is forced into service to Lirr. Mary’s nightmares are dark and full of ghistings, phantom creatures who live in the old forests of her birthplace and the figureheads of ships, but her new friend has his own grudge.

The Judas Blossom by Stephen Aryan

Release Date: July 11 from Angry Robot

Why We’re Excited: I never thought I needed a historical fantasy that reimagines the conquest of Persia by the Mongol Empire, but man, do I need it right now.

Publisher’s Summary: The Mongol Empire currently controls a sizable chunk of the known globe as a result of the great Genghis Khan’s efforts. Hulagu Khan, the leader of the Ilkhanate, is driven to build a single empire that spans the entire globe because of his ancestor. His approach? Violence.

Ebony Gate by Julie Vee and Ken Bebell

Release Date: July 11 from Tor Fantasy Books

Why We’re Excited: Who wouldn’t be intrigued by a Fantasy Books dubbed “a female John Wick story with dragon magic”?

Publisher’s Description: One of the top eight magical families in the world is Emiko Soong’s. Emiko, however, never required any magic. because she is the Soong Clan’s Blade. Or was. Until she is covered in blood in the middle of a Chinese market, surrounded by corpses, and the smell of human excrement and blood acts as a deadly perfume.

The Jasad Heir by Sara Hashem

Release Date: July 18 from Orbit 

Why We’re Excited: Come for the sophisticated political intrigue and epic fantasy themes with Egyptian inspiration; stay for the excruciatingly slow-burning romance.

Publisher’s Description: In this fantasy Fantasy Books with Egyptian influences, a fleeing queen makes a treacherous pact with her deadliest foe and becomes entangled in a tricky game that might either bring her burned country back to life or leave it in ruins forever.

Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong

Release Date: July 25 from Gallery/Saga Press

Why We’re Excited: Chloe Gong is dipping her toe into the adult fantasy genre this summer with Immortal Longings, and if you like her These Violent Delights series—a dark Romeo and Juliet retelling involving youths from warring gangs, monsters, and magic in 1920s Shanghai—then you’re probably already over the moon about it. The dystopian tournament, which is based on Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, has politics, betrayal, and participants who battle to the death by exchanging bodies.

Publisher’s Description: Every year, thousands of people from the kingdom of Talin swarm to San-Er, one of its twin towns, where the palace holds a series of sporting events. Competitors from all around San-Er battle to the death for the chance to acquire unfathomable wealth for those who are confident enough in their ability to hop between bodies.

Light Bringer by Pierce Brown

Release Date: July 25 from Del Ray Fantasy Books

Why We’re Excited: Does the fact that Pierce Brown is releasing another Red Rising Fantasy Books give fantasy books readers any more cause to be excited?

Publisher’s Description: ​​ The Reaper is a myth, more myth than man: the liberator from shackles, the mastermind of the Rising.

The Reaper is also Darrow, a husband, a father, and a friend who was raised on Mars’ crimson soil.

The Reaper previously served the planets’ needs. But now Darrow is required. Because a new era of light, victory, and hope will usher in the end of the dark age.

The Sun and the Void by Gabriela Romero Lacruz

Release Date: July 25 from Orbit

Why We’re Excited: I’m always going to say yes to adult fiction that is based on South American mythology, especially because we don’t see it very often in the publishing world right now. However, this narrative is set to be a summer hit because to its tremendously complex world-building, honest examinations of prejudice and colonisation, and compelling premise—a young noblewoman and a servant girl who aren’t quite human to begin with become receptacles of old gods to rescue their homeland.

Publisher’s Description: Reina is desperate.

Her last hope of escaping the margins of society, where she is stuck, is an invitation from a grandmother she has never met. However, the path is perilous, and even prayer cannot always stop calamity.

Reina is being attacked by animals that prowl the area; only her grandmother, a dark sorcerer, saves her life. Reina, whose existence is now dependant on the power of the Doa, will go to any lengths to obtain and maintain her favour. even the instructions of an old god who speaks to her in a whisper at night.

The Weaver and the Witch Queen by Genevieve Gornichec

Release Date: July 25 from Ace

Why We’re Excited: I’ll read everything Genevieve Gornichec writes after reading her highly underappreciated (and quite good) historical fantasy debut The Witch’s Heart, but this story of pagan Norway and the Viking witch destined to become its queen definitely does make that pledge an easy one to fulfil.

Publisher’s Description: As little children in tenth-century Norway, Oddny and Gunnhild cross paths, and they couldn’t be more dissimilar: Oddny longs for a tranquil existence, while Gunnhild is driven by a desire for power and a desire to flee her terrible mother. However, following a foreboding prophecy made by a visiting wisewoman about Oddny, her sister Signy, and Gunnhild, the three sisters swear in blood to support one another constantly Fantasy Books.

Cassiel’s Servant by Jacqueline Carey

Release Date: August 1 from Tor Fantasy Books

Why We’re Excited: 21 years after it was first released, fantasy author Jacqueline Carey is making a comeback to the realm of Kushiel’s Dart with this Fantasy Books, which explores the epic love affair between prostitute Phedre and celibate warrior Joscelin from his perspective. Devoted fans everywhere are undoubtedly counting down the minutes.

Publisher’s Description: A brave young courtesan discovered a scheme to harm her beloved country in Kushiel’s Dart. But the Fantasy Books story is not entirely hers. See the opposite side of the heart that experienced it now.

The popular classic Kushiel’s Dart is retold in Cassiel’s Servant from the perspective of Joscelin, a Cassiline warrior-priest and Phèdre nó Delaunay’s guardian. She has vowed to pleasure as surely as he has to chastity, yet they are linked together because of the gods they worship. They must rely on one another to live when they are both deceived.

His adventure with Phèdre to stop the conquering of Terre D’Ange shatters body and mind from his early training to incarceration among their adversaries. It bestows upon him an unattainable love, which he would do anything to maintain.

even if it means betraying all of his promises and forfeiting his soul.


What is coming of age fantasy books?

For young adults are bursting with adventure and enchantment. They share tales of young people discovering their identities and their priorities. Coming-of-age fantasy tales frequently feature themes of friendship, loyalty, and trust, making them a fantastic option for readers of all ages.

What time period are most fantasy books written?

Why is it that fantasy usually takes place in the Middle Ages? Most individuals have enough knowledge of the time period to pass off their fantasy as mediaeval, but not enough to make it realistic or startling.

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