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Here Are the Steps to Delete an Instagram Account

Instagram is not the greatest platform for your business, you’ve decided? No problem. In contrast to real life, Instagram has a permanent account deletion option.

Consider making a backup of your account data before deleting it in case you later need it. Be advised that the data won’t include specific profile pictures, videos, comments, etc. but rather will be in a computer-readable HTML or JSON format.

Ready? Here’s how to delete your Instagram account from a computer, a mobile web browser, or the Instagram app.

Steps to delete an Instagram account

Access your Instagram account through the app. At the top right corner of the screen, tap the menu symbol (3 lines).

  • Go to Account, then Settings.
  • Choose Delete account.

Instead of deleting, Instagram will advise deactivating. After deactivation, which is always reversible, your account is hidden. If you still want to delete the Instagram account permanently, select Delete account.

  • Confirm the deletion.

You’ll be asked ONCE MORE by Instagram. Are you certain about this?

  • Confirm once again.

You could contend that Instagram’s drawn-out procedure is either annoying or advantageous in preventing accidental deletions and irate users.

Instagram queries your decision to delete it. Both your response and providing your password are required. This page’s Remove @username button will remove your account permanently.

You still have 30 days to alter your mind and reactivate your account even though it won’t be visible on Instagram anymore.

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Delete Instagram Account On Android

For some unexplained reason, you cannot currently delete an account using the official Instagram app for Android, unlike the iPhone version. It’s odd, but nothing to worry about; just open a browser and follow the guidelines below.

Delete Instagram Account On Computer

You can also cancel your Instagram account from any web browser if the app isn’t available on your current phone or you use an Android device.

The procedures listed below apply to mobile browsers as well (e.g. Safari or Chrome on your phone).

  • Log into your account at by going there.
  • To delete your account, go to that page.
  • Confirm the deletion.

Verify that the username corresponds to the account you wish to delete. If not, select Log out on the right side of the screen to leave Instagram and return later to sign in with the proper account.

Enter your password and the reason you want to delete your Instagram account. Your account will be permanently deleted if you select Delete @username at the bottom.

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When Should One Decide To Delete His Instagram Account

Instead of permanently deactivating your Instagram account, you should do so if you have any concerns about doing so. While deleted accounts are permanently erased from the platform, deactivated accounts can be readily retrieved (after the 30-day grace period).

Even if you leave it inactive for months or years, I’d still advise deactivation for the majority of individuals. It produces the same outcome without risking the risk of regret (no one can find or access your account).

Another option is to switch to a private account. Postings from private accounts do not show up in search results or are available to everyone on your profile, but accounts from private accounts do. You don’t have to accept requests from others to follow you. But, your posts and material will still be visible to your current followers.

To switch to a private account, open the app’s Settings, select Privacy, then turn on the slider next to Private account.


How to switch to a private account on Instagram?

To switch to a private account, open the app’s Settings, select Privacy, then turn on the slider next to Private account.

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