10 Novels to Read this Summer

Here are the top 10 novels we’ve loved this year that are appropriate for summer reading, regardless of whether you’re going on vacation or relaxing at home in the coming months.

1. ‘Age of Vice’

Written By Deepti Kapoor

Fiction | This sumptuous thriller switches between past and present while moving up and down the socioeconomic scale, from the hovels to the palaces of modern-day India. On the opening page, a Mercedes that is travelling at high speeds through Delhi veers off the road and kills five people. From the moment that fatal tragedy ripples through one of India’s most influential criminal families, the intrigue never stops Novel. (30 Riverhead)

2. ‘Alexandra Petri’s U.S. History: Important American Documents (I Made Up)’

Written By Alexandra Petri

Fiction | Petri, a Washington Post columnist, exemplifies what happens when a talented comic writer uses authentic historical events as an excuse to go completely off the rails Novel. These 84 brief writings have names like “Richard Nixon Tapes But Just the Parts Where He’s Yelling at Checkers” and “The Build-a-Bear Team Responds on the Thirteenth Anniversary of 9/11.” ($27.95 for Norton)

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3. ‘The Best Minds: A Story of Friendship, Madness, and the Tragedy of Good Intentions’

Written By Jonathan Rosen

Nonfiction | This chilling tale will conclude with a murder that garnered widespread media attention. Since they were both 10 years old, Rosen and the ultimate murderer, Michael Laudor, were pals. Rosen poses difficult but important issues throughout this memoir/manifesto that are all intriguing, some of which are unanswerable Novel. The end effect is a sharp yet personal tour de force. ($32; Penguin Press)

4. ‘Birnam Wood’

Written By Eleanor Catton

Fiction | Catton experimented with film over the ten years following the publication of her massive Booker Prize–winning book, “The Luminaries,” and she adapted the most recent “Emma” (2020) for the big screen. With witty dramatizations of political, technological, and environmental challenges, her most recent Novel is a slick modern thriller starring a bunch of guerilla gardeners. (Farrar Straus and Giroux, $28)

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5. ‘Collected Works’

Written By Charles Portis

Fiction | On a protracted bus journey home from New York, a former Marine from the Texas Panhandle adopts a performing chicken. It turns out that a heartbreakingly ineffective pseudo-religion contains actual cosmic truth. In rural Mexico, a tough, barely repented antiquities smuggler stumbles upon unusual love. These kinds of events may be found throughout Portis’s unique works. Here, along with his writings and journalism, are collected “True Grit” and the remainder of his humorous, offbeat Novel. ($45; Library of America)

6. ‘Confidence’

Written By Rafael Frumkin

Fiction | The beginning of “Confidence” features a scrappy underdog who is struggling. The spiky but fragile Ezra Green, the narrator of Frumkin’s book, meets fellow thief Orson Ortman, who is the attractive and alluring Jay Gatsby to his Nick Carraway, and the two of them attempt to swindle the wellness sector. This criminal Novel with social commentary is a fast-paced, witty page-turner that will fulfil your thirst for a well-executed caper. ($27.99; Simon & Schuster)

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7. ‘The Covenant of Water’

Written By Abraham Verghese

Fiction | The author of “Cutting for Stone” creates a rich, poignant story that follows the development of a family in India from 1900 to the 1970s via a delicious buffet of genealogy, medicine, and love relationships. What is the family’s secret? Despite the fact that people who believe they have “The Condition” do all in their power to avoid getting wet, “in every generation Novel… at least one member has drowned unintentionally.” (Grove, $32)

8. ‘Don’t Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You: A Memoir’

Written By Lucinda Williams

Nonfiction At the age of 70, the legendary singer-songwriter Hank Williams still sees herself as a renegade. Her autobiography details both her early years and her later rise to prominence. She was raised in 12 different locations by the time she was 18 and was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the granddaughter of Methodist preachers on both sides Novel. Even though she wasn’t always aware of it, songwriting was a method for her to digest her difficult upbringing and communicate about it without really talking about it. (Crown, $28.99)

9. ‘The Guest’

Written By Emma Cline

Fiction | A 22-year-old escort called Alex serves as the main character in Cline’s second Novel (her debut being “The Girls”) as she examines desire and lying. When Alex flees danger in New York City and seeks sanctuary in the Hamptons, the narrative begins in late August. We watch her stalk the island with a mixture of excitement and dread, showing up wherever hosts are too courteous to inquire about her whereabouts. ($28; Random House)

10. ‘Happy Place’

Written By Emily Henry

Fiction Despite the fact that “Happy Place” is Henry’s most sombre Novel to date, you should still pack this romantic classic for your next beach trip. One couple, who are still not over each other, can’t stand to tell their pals they are no longer together when they all gather for a trip to Maine. In true Henry form, “Happy Place” leaves readers satisfied until the very last page by bringing them humour, charm, and emotion. $27 for Berkeley


What is the book Age of Vice about?

“Age of Vice” is about Ajay, who lived in Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India, where he grew up in impoverished conditions. His parents were feces-scraping scavengers who dug through dry latrines. After a goat-related mishap, his father was murdered and his sister was reportedly forced into prostitution.

What is the top 1 book in the world?

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time, with an estimated 5 billion copies sold and disseminated, according to Guinness World Records as of 1995.

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